& TV


Service Type TV
Encryption Encryption
Language ENGLISH
Format DVB-S
Analogue / Digital SD
Diffusion Time 24


Satellite EUTELSAT 28G
Orbital Position 28 EAST
Beam Europe Ku
Frequency 11.656 GHz
Polarization V
Symbol Rate 22.000 Msym/s

Table of dBW and antenna size

Coverage Antenna Size
53-49 dBW 70 cm
48 dBW 75 cm
47 dBW 80 cm
46 dBW 90 cm
44 dBW 1.2 m
42 dBW 1.5 m
40 dBW 1.8 m

Check the power in dBW with your location
on the map and cross reference it in the
table to find your antenna size.