Reporting integrity and ethical breaches

    Eutelsat Group considers the values of integrity and ethical business conduct to be of paramount importance and is committed to promoting these values in all of its operations through its Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct for the Prevention of Bribery, Corruption and Influence-Peddling.

    As part of its efforts to uphold these principles, the Group offers its employees and stakeholders the opportunity to report any deviation from these values on the SpeakUp whistleblowing platform.

    Who can report?

    Access to our whistleblowing hotline is open to anyone who has or has had a business relationship with Eutelsat Group.


    Anyone who has or has had a business relationship with Eutelsat Group. Included are our current or former employees (provided they have received the information as part of their contractual relationship), job applicants (provided they have received the information as part of their job application), shareholders and partners, members of the Group's management, administrative or supervisory bodies, our external and ad-hoc team members, or our contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

What is the procedure for issuing a report?

You are not required to disclose your identity - you may choose to remain anonymous.


1. Access the SpeakUp platform (available 24/7).

2. Select the language in which you would like to report.

3. Select the Eutelsat Group entity with which you have or have had a business relationship.

4. Set a password and memorise the report number generated.

5. List any factual information that you feel is relevant to the subject of your report, including any supporting evidence.

6. Manage your request and the answers directly on the platform.

Report whistleblowing

What comes next?

Once your report has been issued, this is how it is dealt with.

1. Notification of receipt within 7 days

2. First assessment

3. More in-depth investigation, if necessary

4. Notification of the final decision within three months on average, depending on how complex the matter is.

Guarantees in processing your report

Eutelsat Group is committed to ensuring the confidentiality of your disclosures (i.e. your identity, if known, the facts reported and the people involved).

The Group Compliance Director, the Secretariat General and the Legal Department - and, where applicable, your local Compliance Officer - are the only parties informed of the issue.

Can I be penalised as a whistleblower?

There is no risk to you as a whistleblower: Eutelsat Group prohibits any form of retaliation.

    Conditions for legal protection

    To benefit from the legal protection, your report must meet certain conditions.​

    Your report must be made in good faith, without any direct financial consideration, and must concern the information specified by law. ​

    In addition, if you did not obtain the information in the course of your professional activities, you must have had personal knowledge of the reported facts.​


    Your report must cover the following: ​

    • Crimes or wrongdoing
    • Threat or harm to the public interest, ​

    It can also cover the violation or attempted concealment of a violation of any: ​

    • international commitment ratified and approved by any country of Eutelsat Group’s affiliates,
    • unilateral act of an international organization taken on the basis of the above commitment,
    • European Union law,​
    • Law or regulation applicable to Eutelsat Group.​​

    Finally, your report may also cover the violation of: ​

    • Eutelsat Group Code of Conduct or Code of Ethics,
    • Eutelsat Group internal policies.​