In-flight Connectivity Services


    Airlines are leveraging connectivity through passenger mobile apps and devices to increase brand engagement and provide a seamless online experience through the entire travel experience, starting from their booking through to their final drop off at the destination. However, the stability of in-flight connectivity has traditionally been an uphill battle.


    The proliferation of inflight connectivity in the last decade has resulted in more than 25% of the world’s commercial aircraft being connected and by 2030, the number of commercial aircraft equipped with a data connectivity Wi-Fi service is projected to at least double as more airlines provide satellite-based connectivity for both cabin and operational uses.

    Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation is the most reliable solution on the market for the aviation industry to offer consistent connectivity. With worldwide access to GEO and LEO satellite constellations, we are able to provide deep and flexible internet options to ensure a high-quality, mobile user experience with every flight.




    Your strategic partner in the inflight connectivity value chain


    Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation has the solution for stable in-flight connectivity at high speeds, so passengers are connected wherever they go, however they travel.


    In the Aviation industry there is a clear market need for managed services that provide flexible in-flight connectivity (IFC) solutions and a better customer experience. Satellites are the key technology to unlock the full potential of inflight connectivity, with multiple spot beam architecture and high frequency reuse of High Throughput Satellites and payloads.

    Eutelsat has formed technological partnerships with providers to transform the delivery and efficiency of IFC. We enable in-flight broadband services across the globe through our constellation of Widebeam and HTS satellites. Our worldwide access to GEO and LEO constellations ensure that we are able to provide deep density and flexible commercial options with Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation.





Adjust your connectivity plans based on your customers, your aircraft and your services.



Our ADVANCE Aviation solution can re-use equipment that is already installed on aircraft. Simply update the settings and you’re ready to connect.



Never lack connection with Eutelsat’s fleet of satellites - no matter how remote the journey or environment.



On the move? No problem. With ADVANCE Aviation, you have coverage no matter where you go or how fast.




High-speed, high-capacity broadband

Aviation service operators can enable airlines to offer passengers in-flight broadband services across the globe through Eutelsat’s capacity solutions. Passengers can enjoy high-quality data in-flight connectivity to browse the internet using their own tablets, smartphones and laptops.

Modular IFC connectivity

We operate through an open ecosystem of partners with a standardised catalogue of services for service partners to choose. With a modular approach to connectivity and setup, you can accelerate your time to market and cut down on configuration.

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Live TV and streaming

With Eutelsat, passengers can access live TV through satellite connectivity to stay in touch with the latest developments during their travels. Passengers can view news, entertainment, sports and other media directly from their seats.



Unmatched reach

Eutelsat’s satellite network covers every continent with a strategically placed fleet of orbiting satellites. No matter how remote the locations you visit, the distance you travel or the industry you are in, we have the connectivity solution for you.

High performance

Our legacy is built upon the advanced technology we employ to create connections wherever we go. Eutelsat’s solutions are versatile in their use and application, providing a seamless and scalable network experience for any industry or user.

Consistent delivery

Eutelsat is known for our consistent support of our customers. We offer efficient, highly reliable service delivery, 24/7 technical and strategic support as well as tools and options for customer troubleshooting.


    Flexible, scalable, unlimited connectivity 


    • Guaranteed reliable, high-power capacity, high-speed remote communications.
    • The only technology to be able to provide communications with 99% reliability.
    • Reinforces and extends existing networks and offers secure backhaul services.
    • Seamless connectivity for interconnecting corporate networks, extending maritime and inflight connectivity, backhauling mobile communications networks and more ways to grow enterprise-level connectivity.