8 Benefits Eutelsat ADVANCE Offers For Maritime Connectivity

    Connectivity has become a critical asset for maritime


    Reliable connectivity at sea has the potential to make your maritime operations more productive and efficient in a variety of different ways. It also enables you to provide a better experience for the people on board as well as the safety of the crew.

    Eutelsat ADVANCE Maritime is one of the best ways you can access reliable connectivity at sea. In this blog post, we’ll highlight eight different reasons why you need to ensure connectivity as a priority for ship to shore communications.

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    8 reasons to be connected at sea

    1 - Efficiency

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the game for the maritime industry. With sensors monitoring mechanical and digital devices throughout the ship, captains and crew can gain precise details like fuel consumption, operating conditions, ship integrity and power distribution. This level of insight enables captains to gain maximum efficiency out of each voyage.

    Being connected to those devices means constant data collection and reporting, which require reliable connectivity. For maritime companies to stay competitive and relevant in the market, they will need to secure reliable connectivity for their ship to shore operations to maintain maximum efficiency.

    2 - Crew Welfare

    According to the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006), maritime ships are obligated to provide for their crew welfare. This includes providing mental and physical health precautions as well as recreational activities and entertainment for their crew. In addition, these measures boost crew morale and efficiency throughout maritime operations.

    One of the most effective ways to provide crew welfare is through reliable maritime connectivity. Crew and passengers alike can both benefit from numerous activities that are enhanced or allowed through connectivity. These include offshore medical assistance, health monitoring and mental health therapy to keep your crew happy and ready to perform.

    3 - Ship to Ship Communications

    Staying informed is half the battle when operating efficiently at sea. Updates to navigational charts, weather forecasts and operational procedures all contribute to making the right decisions at the right time when at sea. Reliable ship to ship communications, or with headquarters provides numerous benefits to making strategically sound decisions.

    Connectivity plays a central role in keeping informed. Updates to critical information can all be done effortlessly with a good internet connection, and clear communications are nearly guaranteed through premium services like ADVANCE Maritime.

    4 - Maritime Training

    The maritime industry is constantly developing and improving, and so must crew and operational staff. New equipment, processes and techniques must be implemented consistently across fleets, yet training is often initiated offshore and can take valuable time.

    Access to learning and crew development is much easier when you have access to a strong internet connection at sea. It enables real-time learning between learning resources on the shore and the vessel. In addition, training materials can be downloaded and distributed much more easily with strong connectivity.

    5 - Crew and Customer Benefits

    Low staff turnover is cost-effective and beneficial to retain capable crew. You don’t have to spend as much money on recruitment costs or training which can quickly stack up to present a liability. Additionally, ensuring the best customer experience is always good for business.

    Good maritime connectivity is a valuable asset towards this goal.  Entertainment, news and connectivity to family and friends can enrich the experience of customers on passenger cruises and crew who are off-duty but still at sea.

    6 - Less Down-Time

    The constant monitoring of equipment and threatening circumstances may incur a cost with data and tool usage, but it is always more cost-effective than suddenly being surprised by a malfunction. In the maritime industry, such problems usually result in lengthy delays where they could have been spent in more productively.

    If your ship has good connectivity, it will also enable remote access and monitoring. This means that experts can evaluate your systems and advise on the best possible way forward without the risk of costly and unexpected problems on the job.  System maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting can all be accomplished via remote administration without interrupting daily processes.

    7 - Lower insurance premiums

    Data received from onboard sensors can be used as evidence of your safety record to insurance companies. This can result in lower insurance premiums and increase savings for ship operators.

    8 - Safety

    Communications with other vessels and onshore support can help you make decisions that keep your vessel and your crew safe. With a strong maritime network, you’ll be able to receive live reports of dangerous environments and get instant access to medical specialists if one of your crew falls ill or is injured.

    IoT sensors enable foresight for potentially dangerous situations and the integrity of ship components. Live cameras and sensors also enable rapid response to circumstances where time is of the essence.

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    Eutelsat’s solution - ADVANCE Maritime

    The introduction of digital tools and technology has introduced a better way to work for logistics operations around the world. However, the mobile and remote nature of the maritime industry has prevented the benefits of these innovations for many years - until now.

    Eutelsat ADVANCE offers vital connectivity with reliable high-speed communications to manage critical data and telemetry connectivity across vast coverage areas. It is specially designed to meet the connectivity needs of maritime users in the most remote areas of the world and offers packaged and wholesale solutions for service providers. ADVANCE is flexible and scalable with overlapping beams to better align with customer needs and provide network resiliency for even the most remote maritime operations.

    Advantages of ADVANCE Maritime

    • Global reach
    • Reliable connectivity
    • Light-weight equipment
    • Seamless connectivity
    • High-quality ship to shore communication
    • High-performance broadband
    • Extensive bandwidth
    • Dynamic, scalable service plans


    Ensure connectivity for your maritime operations

    Connectivity is fast becoming an expected feature for maritime operations. Whether you’re supplying convenience and comfort to passengers or boosting crew morale and welfare, consider Eutelsat ADVANCE Maritime for your connectivity needs.

    Only Eutelsat has a proven track record for supplying reliable and resilient connectivity to the far reaches of the world. Contact us today for a demonstration or visit our website for more information on Eutelsat ADVANCE.