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For 40 years, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) has been a central focus for Eutelsat, with two-thirds of our satellite fleet offering coverage of both Europe and MENA.

As the region's leading satellite operator, with offices in Amman and Dubai, our satellite services and experience have gained the confidence of a growing portfolio of customers including broadcasters, telecom operators, internet service providers and government agencies. Committed to developing universal access to digital networks, we have built strong partnerships with operators in the region including Gulfsat, Nilesat and Viewsat.

In 2017, NOORSAT, one of the leading satellite service providers in the Middle East, became part of the Eutelsat Group. By combining extensive expertise and global coverage with intimate market knowledge, we work closely with broadcasters, premium networks and service providers, to anticipate and best meet their requirements and help them grow in these dynamic markets.



Tailored solutions for broadcasters



"EUTELSAT 21B, with its best coverage both in elevation and performance, provides ASBU with a gateway between North Africa, Middle East and Europe to our programme exchange centre in Algiers for distribution."

asbu-logo.jpgAbdelraheem Suleiman, Director General, ASBU


As a global operator, we help our customers retrieve and distribute content in all formats. Our market-leading video neighbourhoods provide the bandwidth and satellite coverage to enable channels and pay-TV platforms to access their chosen markets and quickly build audiences. With our full-time or ad hoc capacity and services, broadcasters can reach homes equipped for DTH reception or connected to cable and IP networks, programme exchanges, contribution links, and newsgathering from all corners of the globe.

Eutelsat provides customers with solutions to enable new video and data point-to-multipoint distribution, and efficient, cost-effective broadcast solutions in the Ka-band, with our tailored satellite services. In the video market we accompany clients at every stage of the transmission process, from uplinking images the moment they are filmed, to broadcasting finished programmes to TV audiences, whether regional, national or worldwide.

With comprehensive, managed services and a cutting edge SD/HD TV Playout system, customers can contribute media from various sources, compile playlists, and manage multi-lingual audio tracks, on-screen graphics and ad insertion, and connect social media to on-air channels to enhance proximity to viewers.



MENA's leading video neighbourhoods



“Teaming up with Eutelsat is an exciting development to our strategic vision at MenaMedia. This partnership reflects our continued desire to collaborate with companies, like Eutelsat, that share our mission of meeting demands in a dynamic market like the Middle East."

menamedia-logo.pngSaman Baban, CEO, MenaMedia

7/8° West, MENA’s N° 1 TV neighbourhood

7/8° West is the leading broadcast neighbourhood for MENA, reaching 95% of all satellite TV homes in the region. Operated in partnership with Nilesat since 2006, an exceptional line-up of over 900 Arabic and international TV channels relevant to audiences across the region currently broadcast from 7/8° West, with a high diversity of free-to-air content. Leading high definition content delivery in MENA, over 250 HD TV channels broadcast from 7/8° West. HD adoption is accelerating in the MENA region with 46% of TV homes HD-equipped. At the Eutelsat/Nilesat 7/8° West neighbourhood, 60% of homes are HD-equipped.


13° East, a unique bridge between MENA and Europe

The HOT BIRD family of satellites at 13° East is the second most important TV neighbourhood in MENA. With a total reach of 160 million TV homes across MENA and Europe, it is a unique bridge for Arab communities living in Europe and for Europeans living in MENA. Within the MENA region, an audience of over 27 million homes enjoys the strong line-up of content available at this orbital position. HOTBIRD is one of the world’s largest video neighbourhoods with 1,000 TV channels, 450 in HD and 14 in Ultra HD. 80 TV channels are Arabic native channels.


7° East, a key location for regional markets

A new orbital hotspot is developing at 7° East for audiences in South-East Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean.  7° East has seen important growth in Turkey and the Middle East with over 8 million homes. It is also a growing hotspot for Farsi-speaking audiences. With a simple dual-feed installation, consumers can also reach the HOTBIRD satellites at 13° East.



More bandwidth for your data



This first contract, for capacity on the EUTELSAT 21B satellite, signed with Eutelsat underpins Divona’s strategy to provide network continuity for national and international players operating in fields where we have recognised expertise including mobile telecoms, oil exploration and production as well as industrial integration.”

divona-logo.jpgKarim Cherfaoui, CEO, Divona

Satellites connect remote networks to cellular infrastructure and internet arteries. Providing seamless connectivity, they are used by private and government sectors to establish secure and reliable communication networks, which can complement terrestrial infrastructure to overcome connectivity gaps in remote or rural areas.

Our global network helps internet access providers connect local platforms to the wider internet backbone, the oil and gas sector to connect onshore and offshore rigs, banking and retailing industries to ensure the secure circulation of data between branches, and GSM network operators to interconnect remote transmitters.

The number of VSAT networks and VPNs in the MENA region has continued to increase regularly, and there are currently over 115,000 networks operational on Eutelsat satellites.

Eutelsat also provides mobility services to complement terrestrial cellular networks, with professional solutions for specific sectors. Our mobility services for the maritime industry deliver global solutions and coverage to markets including commercial shipping, sea-based oil and gas operations, governmental ships and luxury vessels.




7/8° West, No. 1 for MENA

7/8° West position is first choice for television in the region. An audience of 60 million homes enjoys its exceptional line-up of Arabic and international channels, which includes a high diversity of free-to-air content and exclusive channels.


HOTBIRD at 13° East

HOTBIRD is a key link for Arab communities living in Europe and for Europeans living in MENA. Today, HOTBIRD is one of the world’s largest video neighbourhoods with 1,000 channels, of which 80 are Arabic native.


EUTELSAT 7B & 7C at 7° East

7° East is an important orbital hotspot for South-East Europe, Turkey, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean. The very high power on the EUTELSAT 7B and 7C satellites makes them particularly suitable for DTH applications.


EUTELSAT 5 West B at 5° West

5° West, home to the new EUTELSAT 5 West B satellite, is the point of reference for Algeria’s transition into a fully digital broadcast environment. It also offers the capability to broadcast all formats, from Standard Digital to HDTV, Ultra HD and IP.


EUTELSAT 21B at 21.5° East

21.5° East is a major orbital position for professional video services. EUTELSAT 21B offers an enhanced widebeam and two dedicated high power beams over North-West Africa with interconnectivity between Europe, the MENA and Central Asia.




EUTELSAT 3B at 3° East

EUTELSAT 3B has strengthened and enhanced coverage over the MENA region for data and professional video services in the Ku-band, and brought first-class C-band capacity with extensive reach over Europe, MENA, Central Asia, Africa and most of South America.


EUTELSAT 21B at 21.5° East

21.5° East is a major orbital position for data and government services. EUTELSAT 21B offers an enhanced widebeam and two dedicated high power beams covering North-West Africa with interconnectivity between Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia.


EUTELSAT 70B at 70° East

At the crossroads of Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, this uniquely designed satellite optimises resources at a single orbital position. Four powerful regional beams allow customers to benefit from regional coverage or to interconnect between continents.


EUTELSAT 5 West B at 5° West

With its powerful coverage of Algeria, the new EUTELSAT 5 West B satellite is supporting the country's transition into a fully digital environment.