Comprehensive coverage and high-bandwidth capability

Eutelsat Asia delivers comprehensive coverage and high-bandwidth capability for any client, with any communication need, anywhere in the Asia Pacific.

Our commitment is to help broadcasters, video service providers, telecom operators, ISPs and government agencies grow their business in the Asia Pacific region and connect them to the rest of the world.

Based in Singapore, Eutelsat Asia embodies Eutelsat's long-term commitment to the Asia Pacific region. Eutelsat supports the strong growth of the Asia Pacific region with three satellites optimised for business requirements in the region: EUTELSAT 70B provides regional and intercontinental connectivity for a wide range of satellite-based applications; EUTELSAT 172B is a new high-capacity satellite for fast-growing applications in Asia Pacific, including inflight and maritime connectivity; and EUTELSAT 174A offers a wide range of telecom and mobility services.

With capacity commercialised on 35 satellites delivering reach around the globe, Eutelsat Communications is one of the world’s leading satellite operators.



Tailored solutions for broadcasters


Why choose Eutelsat Asia?

  • Comprehensive Asia Pacific coverage
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • High bandwidth capability
  • Fast and reliable service


Eutelsat Asia offers fast, affordable and easy-to-use voice and video capability. With unrivaled coverage and bandwidth, you can gather and reliably deliver news and content to and from virtually any location across the Asia Pacific region. Our EUTELSAT 70B and EUTELSAT 172B satellites are ideally positioned for high bandwidth distribution to Asia, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands and beyond.

Eutelsat satellites are also the key gateway into Europe, the Middle East and Africa for leading Asian broadcasters, and the main hub for distributing and exchanging programmes among broadcasters. Our high-power HOTBIRD and EUTELSAT 7 West A & 8 West B satellites located at 13° East and 7/8° West are key points of entry for Asian channels into television homes across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Other Eutelsat satellites are optimised to reach into regional broadcast markets in Central Europe, Russia, Turkey, Africa, Central Asia and the Americas.

We work round-the-clock with broadcasters, news agencies and video service providers to cover news, sports and cultural events of global interest. Our commitment is to deliver quality and reliability for transmitting live and pre-recorded content direct from the field back to studios. And as the transition to a fully digital broadcast environment accelerates, we have broadened our experience in transmitting channel multiplexes to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitters and helping broadcasters reach viewers beyond range of terrestrial reception direct via satellite.



Service where and when you need it


Why choose Eutelsat Asia?

  • Comprehensive Pacific coverage
  • C- and Ku-band flexibility
  • Cost-effective solutions & cross-connectivity
  • High bandwidth capability
  • Fast and reliable service

Eutelsat Asia delivers comprehensive coverage and high-bandwidth capability. Service Providers can leverage Eutelsat Asia to provide unrivaled coverage, bandwidth and reliability to end-users virtually anywhere in the Pacific Region.

Over the Asia Pacific region, our EUTELSAT 70B, EUTELSAT 172B and EUTELSAT 174A satellites are perfectly located over the Asia-Pacific region to support your Telecom and Data activities, whether you require domestic, regional or intercontinental connectivity. They are well suited to help you provision immediate remote site connectivity, secured communication and safety against disasters.

For all your key markets, our fleet is the ideal platform for providing the highest performance and flexibility to develop your network.




Powerful satellites with premium coverage of Asia Pacific

Supporting high growth video and data services

The EUTELSAT 70B satellite, located at 70.5 degrees East, offers a broad widebeam coverage and four high-performance fixed beams focused over South-East Asia reaching as far as Australia, Central Asia, Europe and Africa.

A high degree of on-board connectivity enables the beams to be used either for regional coverage or to interconnect continents. This supports high-growth services, such as secure government communications in Central Asia through hubs located in the region or in Europe, professional data networks between South-East Asia and Africa, and direct connectivity between Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. The satellite is also key for broadcast services including distribution to cable and IPTV headends, DTH and DTT complementarity, video turnaround and Occasional Use services.

EUTELSAT 70B is designed to serve video clients across a high-performance footprint of South East Asia which includes Myanmar, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Australia, targeting a population of more than 600 million inhabitants. This beam has loopback capabilities and is also connected to the European beam to bring content in a single hop from Europe directly to Asia.

The satellite’s orbital location also allows a double-feed solution with neighbouring hotspots, to maximize content choice for audiences.


A new satellite for Asia-Pacific with a high-capacity triple mission


EUTELSAT 172B is a new high-capacity satellite which delivers increased capacity for fast-growing applications including in-flight and maritime connectivity, cellular backhaul, corporate networks, video and government services in Asia-Pacific.

Located at 172° East, a prime gateway for satellite services in the Asia-Pacific region, EUTELSAT 172B provides exceptional land and sea reach from Alaska to Australia, via three distinct payloads:
- a C-band payload, with increased power and broader coverage for new growth markets in South East Asia;
- a Ku-band payload which connects to five improved service areas: North Pacific, North East Asia, South East Pacific, South West Pacific and South Pacific;
- an innovative High Throughput Ku-band payload specifically designed for in-flight broadband. It features multiple user spots optimised to serve densely-used Asian and trans-Pacific flight paths and is interconnected to gateways operating in the Ka-band. This is the first payload customised for in-flight connectivity over the Pacific Ocean Region and will deliver an overall throughput of 1.8 Gbps to a market forecast to enjoy sustained growth over the next few years.

Panasonic Avionics Corporation has selected EUTELSAT 172B as its platform for trans-Pacific and Asian in-flight broadband and live TV services for commercial airlines.



From its position at 174° East, EUTELSAT 174A offers Ku-band coverage spanning the Pacific Ocean, from Beijing to Perth.

Formerly known as EUTELSAT 172A, and GE-23, EUTELSAT 174A is a high-capacity satellite complementing Eutelsat’s global fleet with Pacific Ocean Region coverage and flexible connectivity.

Leveraging its comprehensive coverage and high-bandwidth capability, EUTELSAT 174A supports a broad range of telecom and maritime services.