TV viewing habits are changing. The days of huddling around the television at 7:30 in the evening to watch your favourite crime drama serial have long passed. We, as consumers, now have the power to decide what we want to watch and when we want to watch it - but as yet, we haven’t always had the ability to decide where we watch.

    In some venues, consumers cannot reliably stream popular live events and video content without running into re-buffering issues when demand is high. Alternative solutions are either extremely expensive or lack the reach required for a reliable connection.

    However, today, there is a solution.

    The State of Video Streaming

    Today the demand for video is insatiable. Over 75% of all internet traffic represents video content, and users are increasingly turning to their mobile devices to stream video and online entertainment. In fact, when it comes to mobile viewing, video usage will make up 79% of all mobile traffic by 2022, says Cisco.

    Wi-Fi hotspots and mobile networks have made great strides to give us access to content outside of our homes but have encountered challenges that still debilitate our ability to deliver entertainment and be entertained.

    The Challenges of Video Consumption via Mobile Networks

    Mobile network coverage has proven to be a successful remote connectivity option for many use-cases. However, it can lack the reach and stability of a dedicated internet access point for remote streaming. Furthermore, mobile network usage can be extremely costly, and thus impractical to use for video streaming.

    The Challenges of Public Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Public Wi-Fi hotspots can suffer from connection issues and a lack of stability resulting in restricted service quality. Latency issues, limited bandwidth and low bitrates have continued to affect our ability to stream video to public venues and remains a challenge that affects consumers, venue owners and broadcasters alike.  

    A Universal Problem

    The barriers of reliable internet access for video streaming affect everyone in areas with insufficient terrestrial coverage, from consumers, to households, businesses and broadcasters.

    Public venues continue to attempt to attract more visitors and offer more services through Wi-Fi but are faced with the same challenges that have hindered the potential for reliable and remote public internet access. Similarly, broadcasters who want to deliver quality content to a wide range of people find that they cannot reliably reach them in some venues.

    Satellite connectivity may be the solution that rises to the challenge. Innovative new services are pushing the boundaries of the possible, and in the very near future, slow connectivity will be a thing of the past.

    A Satellite Solution

    With today’s mobile and fixed network access to the internet and video streaming services, people are quick to disregard satellite as a connectivity solution. In the past, satellite has been seen as an expensive option for those who want to use it for internet access. However, recent innovations have made it a far more cost-effective solution whilst still retaining its primary advantage - reach.

    When compared to other options, satellite has an unmatched range and can provide internet access to the most remote locations reliably and sustainably. Eutelsat’s Multiscreen solution combines Eutelsat's extensive satellite network combined with local Wi-Fi hotspots, for reliable, high-quality linear TV and video distribution to mobile devices in public venues and areas where there is limited terrestrial coverage or no broadband access service.

    Thanks to the inherent strength of linear multicast over satellite, OTT services can be operated in areas with limited bandwidth or costly mobile data plans. The solution guarantees a consistently high-quality bitrate with no latency, re-buffering or dropouts. This means that video streams have never been more reliable or better quality - no matter how many simultaneous viewers, and without consuming any mobile data allowance. It also offers a cost-effective and scalable turnkey solution as distribution costs are capped when service usage increases.

    Find Out More about Eutelsat Multiscreen

    By leveraging the power of satellite broadcasting, you can provide high quality video streaming services to open devices, irrespective of local internet connection speeds or network congestion.

    If you would like to find out more, download the Eutelsat Multiscreen brochure, or watch this short video where Broadpeak's Jacques Le Mancq discusses next-generation video services.

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