Neptune Communications Expands Service Footprint Across the Caribbean

    Eutelsat ADVANCE selected to power Neptune’s resilient connectivity solutions across the region


    The Caribbean is a diverse region where reliable connectivity is a critical resource in limited supply. Neptune Communications is a specialist telecommunications service provider tackling the challenges of providing reliable connectivity to enterprises and governments in the region. Now, with Eutelsat ADVANCE, Neptune is extending their reach to even the most remote locations.

    Consisting of 2.8 million square kilometers and home to over 44 million people, the Caribbean is a substantial market for connectivity providers. However, due to the location of the islands, in the hurricane belt between North and South America, and their dependence both on undersea and vulnerable pole-hung cables, gaining reliable connectivity has traditionally been a challenge for the people in this region. As a result, much of the region still goes without reliable broadband access.

    Neptune Communications is transforming this with a suite of new internet connectivity services provided across highly resilient satellite and mobile platforms. The infrastructure is not only independent from existing terrestrial networks but also designed to meet the most critical connectivity needs of the region's businesses and governments. 


    Safety Through Connectivity

    Neptune's mission is to keep Caribbean governments and businesses online by delivering highly resilient connectivity solutions via an independent infrastructure. Network administrators supporting governments and enterprises all become more effective with access to reliable connectivity.

    “The Caribbean is prone to a host of hazards which threaten our connectivity, including hurricanes, floods and earthquakes, to say nothing of the man-made disasters and the cyber threat. Technology powered by resilient connectivity enables risk managers, network administrators and emergency response teams to assess situations more quickly and protect their operations more effectively,” says Julian Jordan, Founder and CEO of Neptune Communications. “Stable and dependable connectivity is not a luxury in the region which can be taken for granted. We are making strenuous efforts to change that. The nature of emergencies, disasters and outages is that they are often unexpected or unpredictable. So Always On connectivity – everywhere – has never been more important.”

    For these scenarios, Neptune Communications required a solution that would extend their reach and provide resilient connectivity to help their clients better manage the unpredictable nature of emergencies and environmental conditions which impact their networks.  


    image-Neptune-Communications1.jpgADVANCED Connection

    Neptune Communications approached Eutelsat to analyse their situation, goals, and challenges and provide a solution to help them achieve their mission to deliver a highly resilient connectivity solution across the region. 

    Eutelsat identified their latest offering, Eutelsat ADVANCE, to assist with Neptune’s requirements. Eutelsat ADVANCE would offer fully redundant coverage, consistent connectivity, and a new range of highly scalable, versatile connectivity services.

    “Eutelsat ADVANCE provides the reach, reliability and stability that are critical for a wireless broadband network. The VNO gives Neptune Communications complete freedom to define service plans and the Quality of Service for their end users. Furthermore, since they specialise in disaster recovery, the fast deployment of the equipment and network is crucial”, added Juan-Pablo Cofino, CEO of Eutelsat Americas.

    With Eutelsat’s ADVANCE service, Neptune Communications has the flexibility to expand its service area regardless of the availability and quality of terrestrial infrastructure. The ADVANCE platform extends internet access to remote areas, ensuring connectivity for communities, businesses, and missions that are outside the reach of mobile networks.



    image-Neptune-Communications2.jpgMission Accomplished

    Using the high-powered ADVANCE Virtual Network Operations, Neptune is able to support its customers in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas operations, financial services, retail and NGOs working in disaster recovery zones.

    “Today, Neptune Communications is moving closer to fulfilling its mission of providing comprehensive Caribbean coverage. With Eutelsat ADVANCE, we expect to do more with our existing infrastructure and increase our remote connectivity capabilities” Julian concluded.

    Eutelsat ADVANCE extends connectivity, accessing previously inaccessible markets. It is a network-as-a-service experience that seamlessly integrates multiple capacities and is distributed by an open ecosystem of partners.

    ADVANCE enables business and technical agility, boosting internal communications efficiency and time-to-market with sophisticated satellite technology. It offers a flexible service catalogue tailored for each market and consists of a global network that seamlessly integrates multiple capacities from Eutelsat and third parties.

    If you would like to find out more about ADVANCE and the difference it can make for your organisation, contact Eutelsat today.

    If you would like to find out more about Neptune Communications, visit or connect with them on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.