Giving a voice to the Hausa Community in Nigeria

    Tambarin Hausa Television (TTV), a subsidiary of Amasis Broadcasting Services, aims to promote the Hausa culture and language worldwide. It has a wide variety of programming covering subjects from health and youth to politics, innovation, business and sports. With more than 27 different programmes, their aim is to educate, inform and entertain as well as to bridge the communication gap for their Hausa-speaking audience across the region and further afield.

    TTV chose to broadcast their channel via satellite in order to reach the entire northern Nigeria, and other regions in Nigeria which have a prominent Hausa community, as well as northern Cameroon, Niger Republic, Togo, Chad, Ghana, Sudan and the Middle East. Using the high capacity and extensive coverage of the EUTELSAT 7B satellite, TTV delivers digital TV services across Africa to reach these Hausa-speaking countries.

    In this video, TTV explain how the digital platform on EUTELSAT 7B gives them highly reliable and efficient service delivery, with global reach, enhanced coverage, flexibility and connectivity, helping to transform the African broadcasting landscape.


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