Find out why Satellite Distribution is the way to go

    Over the years, the way we access entertainment and news has changed. Although there are new ways of receiving this entertainment and information, satellite has stayed a consistent and reliable means of reception. It is even growing as a way of TV distribution and communication. Read on to find out why satellite distribution is one of the best ways to relay entertainment and information communications to your audience.


    Four primary reasons to use satellite distribution

    These are the four most important reasons for broadcasters to consider satellite for their distribution needs.

    Unique coverage

    Satellite has a few factors which make it easier for distributors to connect with audiences, even in the most remote areas. Its extensive coverage and high bandwidth mean that satellite distribution is the uncontested remote reach champion. Moreover, over long distances, using satellite distribution can be more cost-effective than other approaches. In markets where the population density is not incredibly high, and the area’s geography works against effective terrestrial coverage, using satellite becomes the obvious choice to reach 100% of a region.

    Worldwide access

    The easy remote access which satellite provides does not mean that it is not accessible for broader reach. In many markets, satellite remains at a high level and is all-round an excellent option for distribution This is the most significant advantage of satellite distribution - no matter how developed or underdeveloped the infrastructure of a given market is, broadcasters can reach all audiences for a truly worldwide reach.

    Instant reach

    Compared to other distribution methods, satellite is a prevalent means of reaching audiences - particularly in Africa and Middle Eastern regions. These markets have many audiences who live in remote areas or face difficulties in developing their country's infrastructure. Satellite distribution provides communications that can reach these audiences instantaneously, with an unlimited range of television and radio content through its extensive bandwidth. In conjunction with the fact that satellite can handle high quality channels and offer an easy and effective method of instant reach, it becomes the obvious choice for most markets.

    The preferred solution

    Because satellite is so easily accessible in remote areas compared to other methods, it is the preferred solution for zones considered out of coverage areas. OTT, for example, is exclusive to a point where only markets with a strong network backbone can have regular, stable access to this type of delivery. OTT broadcasters are even starting to look to satellite to extend their current reach. Satellite provides an economical and practical solution to providing coverage in all areas that want access. It continues to grow in developing markets and will remain relevant well into the future.


    Satellite, an undisputed coverage giant

    Satellite has an exceptional reach and provides an economical approach that allows distributors to offer entertainment and news to audiences from all markets. Moreover, it is maturing in every market as time goes on and can provide audiences with extremely high-quality images. Overall, distributors should be looking at satellite coverage for the most effective way to reach audiences and retain their loyalty.

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