3 Reasons to Consider Satellite When Launching your FTA channel

    Is satellite a viable option for FTA channels?

    Free-to-air (FTA) channels have traditionally provided free entertainment for audiences country-wide. Due to the cost associated with the solution, FTA channels have usually shied away from satellite as a viable option to broadcast their services. However, this may no longer be the case.

    With satellite connectivity becoming a cost-effective and available option for FTA channels, the price-point argument is quickly fading away. There are many examples today of cost-effective solutions such as multiplexes and uplink stations that scale well with usage growth and the latest technologies. Satellite is an investment for FTA channels to extend their reach, delight their customers and gain more advertising revenue.

    The Advantages of Satellite Broadcasting

    Satellite broadcasting has been around for a long time now; however, it has had its fair share of challenges over the years. Today, satellite is one of the most effective mediums to broadcast news and entertainment throughout the world.

    Before we get into FTA channel-specific advantages, let’s briefly highlight the benefits of using satellite as a broadcasting solution.

    The advantages of satellite broadcasting:

    • Global coverage
    • High-speed accessibility
    • Cost-effective
    • Location independent
    • Vast bandwidth availability
    • Reliable
    • Instant installation and deployment


    3 Reasons To Use Satellite For Your FTA Channel

    Now that we have a general sense of the advantages of satellite broadcasting let’s take a look at how they apply to FTA channels. Here are the top 3 reasons FTA channels specifically should consider satellite as a viable option.

    Unlimited Reach

    When it comes to reaching a variety of different audiences, satellite solutions have no equal. Unlike other broadcasting solutions, satellite broadcasting comes with a ready-made audience and has no limit on geographic reach or inherent quality issues. Viewers from around the world can access an FTA channel through satellite which enables FTA channels to grow their audience and diversify their viewership.

    Furthermore, satellite solutions are incredibly cost-effective, as it maximises the route to market by delivering to all networks simultaneously such as DTH, cable, DTT and IP. As an FTA channel, it simply makes sense to utilise the reach that satellite offers to reach more people than ever before.

    Better Channel Findability

    Using satellite to broadcast also boosts an FTA channel’s findability. Innovative new electronic programme guides (EPGs), such as Sat.tv, feature all the channels listed through the satellite’s broadcast with a detailed preview of what viewers can expect. This can be used as a way to attract more viewers to an FTA channel’s offering, which means more value for advertisers and more funding for the channel.

    Enhanced User Experience

    Higher ratings for any channel requires invested viewers who tune in again and again. However, to generate and maintain a loyal viewership, channels need to invest in the quality of their user experience. Using satellite is an easy and effective way to improve channel quality for FTA channels.

    Satellite connectivity has fewer interruptions of service, can broadcast clear images over challenging terrain and offers a higher bandwidth availability than other solutions. It also boasts a low-cost return link for interactive services, something with similar solutions have no practical alternative.


    Reach Further, Faster

    It’s clear to see how satellite can give channels the edge when appealing to a broader audience. This is especially true for FTA channels which rely on audience reach and loyalty to gain more advertising interest and revenue.

    By enhancing viewer experience, extending reach and boosting findability, any FTA channel would find satellite broadcasting and connectivity an asset well worth investing in. If you would like to find out more about satellite-based options for your FTA channel, consider Eutelsat.

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