Delivering your content simply anywhere

logo-cirrus.jpgDeliver consistent quality content to customers, anytime, anywhere, on any screen with Eutelsat CIRRUS, a fully integrated, user-friendly, content delivery platform. Designed to overcome the challenges inherent in building a content distribution business, Eutelsat CIRRUS is the reliable, high quality and cost-effective answer for broadcasters to get their content into more homes.

The fully supported, state-of-the-art, turnkey content delivery solution will deliver video and channels simply anywhere, helping broadcasters meet increasing customer expectations for a flexible, seamless content experience across multiple screens, with analytics to better monetize content.

Eutelsat CIRRUS’ modular approach meets varying needs. A turnkey DTH service provides end-to-end video distribution combined with cloud-based service management. Bringing together the strengths of traditional DTH with next-generation features, the fully integrated platform delivers an enriched viewer experience, with the highest image quality and a consistent end-user experience on all screens. A multi-screen offer will complement the DTH broadcast service with simultaneous OTT streaming through a native hybrid platform.



Deliver IP-native video content to portable devices via satellite

Eutelsat’s SmartBEAM solution enables platform operators to broadcast live video channels in IP format via satellite, creating a network dedicated to all IP-native terminals such as tablets and smartphones.

Leveraging all the advantages of satellite broadcast, SmartBEAM brings rich video content and a high-quality user experience to IP-native screens, whether in homes or public venues, such as hotels or shopping malls.

The cost-effective SmartBEAM solution combines IP multicast with local Wi-Fi distribution. Satellites provide high broadcast capacity, accessing potentially hundreds of millions of screens with a single transmission, regardless of the terrestrial infrastructure.



Direct-to-Home connected TV

Eutelsat’s SmartLNB for Direct-to-Home antenna opens the door for broadcasters to operate linear television and connected TV services directly by satellite.

The SmartLNB is a new-generation electronic feed connected to an antenna with an embedded transmitter for interactive applications such as HbbTV, pay-per-view, social networking, personal subscription management and live show participation (voting, comments …).

It will transform mass market Direct-to-Home satellite services by enabling broadcasters and platform operators to bolt interactive value-added services onto broadcast platforms, circumventing viewer dependency on terrestrial fixed and mobile networks.



Transforming the navigation of free-to-air satellite TV channels

Logo_SatTV2-resize120x125.pngDesigned to enhance the free-to-air viewing experience for consumers, and increase broadcaster engagement with their audiences, is a new-generation Electronic Programme Guide (EPG). Available for homes equipped for DTH reception from Eutelsat’s HOTBIRD and 7/8° West neighbourhoods, the app has already registered over one million downloads. gives users extensive access to detailed programmes in the HOTBIRD and 7/8° West channel line-ups, with options to browse by time, channel or type of content. Preferred content can be selected in one click, and personalised recommendations generated based on viewer tastes. Viewers can also share any content of the app live on their social media profiles.

Broadcasters enter programme schedules and information, which are displayed in real-time through the app. The user-friendly EPG interface is available for viewers in five languages (English, French, Russian, Italian, Arabic) and can access programme details in up to 40 languages.