Top international programmers and leading pay-TV platforms reach audiences through our exclusive video neighborhoods, ensuring first-class access to highly penetrated cable, broadcast and DTH markets in the Americas.

Premium TV neighborhood for Latin America, 117º West offers regional distribution of major networks and content providers.

At 65º West, EUTELSAT 65 WEST A serves video markets across Latin America. An antenna seeding programme in Brazil ensures pay-TV and cable operators are equipped to receive channels.

And a new hotspot at 115º West offers powerful Ku-band coverage of Canada, Mexico and South America for digital services.

117° WEST

Premium TV neighborhood for Latin America

The 117° West neighborhood, home to the state-of-the-art EUTELSAT 117 West A and EUTELSAT 117 West B satellites, currently distributes around 500 TV channels across Latin America.

Strengthening DTH and DTT video capacities at this new multi-satellite neighborhood, the satellites cater to over 5,000 DTH antennas receiving channels in Ku-band, and more than 1900 cable head-ends in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Premium DTH neighborhood
for Latin America and
the Caribbean


100 million TV homes, with strong cable head-end penetration of more than 1900 cable head-ends


Pan-regional distribution of major networks and content distributors in Latin America


500 TV channels, 150 in HD


140 free-to-air TV channels including key regional public and private broadcasters

115° WEST

New powerful hotspot for American markets

Located at 114.9° West, EUTELSAT 115 West B extends our satellite coverage from Alaska and Canada down to South America, with unique coverage over the Galapagos and Easter Island. It is of particular interest to news, sports & entertainment broadcasters.

Ku-band resources, connected to three fixed beams covering the Americas from Alaska to Patagonia, provide optimised regional coverage of Canada, Mexico and South America for DTH, DTT and Occasional Use capacity. A semi-hemispheric C-band beam provides groundbreaking coverage from Alaska to Peru optimised for video distribution.


Premium location with excellent elevation angles and high power over Canada


Powerful regional Ku-band coverage of Canada, Mexico and South America


Supporting the expansion of digital services across the region

65° WEST

Serving expanding video markets across Latin America and Brazil

EUTELSAT 65 West A, at the popular 65° West location, has a high-power Ku-band payload enabling DTH reception of digital and HD channels across Brazil with 80cm antennas. The satellite also features a transatlantic C-band coverage for cross-continental video contribution and distribution.

A far-reaching antenna seeding programme enables broadcasters to enhance their reach and cable operators to enrich their offer via the 65° West video neighborhood. EUTELSAT 65 West A is poised to achieve 100% penetration of Brazilian cable operators, allowing Eutelsat’s key satellite for Brazil to reach over 12 million homes.


Potential market reach of 12 million homes in Brazil


C and Ku-band coverage of Latin America and Brazil for DTH broadcasting and video distribution to cable head-ends


Premium slot with excellent elevation angles in Brazil; high power up to 52 dBW, enabling reception with 80cm antennas in Brazil