Eutelsat’s enhanced electronic programme guide,, is attracting new audiences every day - here’s why.

    Free-to-air channels are a popular alternative for viewers seeking a wide variety of cost-effective entertainment. Despite this, the medium is not without its drawbacks. Often, channels are hard to find and the setup is complicated. However, with Eutelsat’s, this is all about to change.

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    What is

    Before getting into how is attracting new audiences for broadcasters, it helps to define exactly what it is. is a new TV experience consisting of an enhanced electronic programme guide for free-to-air (FTA) channels, available at Eutelsat’s 7/8° West orbital position. It enables viewers to find FTA channels quickly and easily, providing information such as channel name, genre, programming and more.

    For broadcasters, brings unique value, enabling them to target specific markets from the leading TV neighbourhood for the Middle East and North Africa. already reaches over 60 million homes in the MENA region and is being deployed progressively at other Eutelsat locations.

    5 ways generates new audiences for broadcasters

    Now that we understand what is, let’s get into how it’s generating new audiences and new market vertices for broadcasters worldwide.

    Consistent channel numbering

    One of FTA television’s historic drawbacks is that broadcasters could not choose a fixed channel to stream their content. Viewers would have to find the channels on their own with limited help every time they wanted to tune in. enables broadcasters to promote their content using a fixed channel number. Using the same channel for the same broadcast, broadcasters can market effectively, and viewers can regularly find their favourite channels more accessible than ever before.


    Easily accessible for viewers

    Other FTA viewers have to regularly re-scan or reinstall their receivers to find new channels installed on their TV receiver. This creates a visibility barrier for new broadcasters or new channels, requiring end-users to put in the effort even to have the chance in finding them.

    However, this challenge is now a thing of the past. With all channels are automatically installed on the satellite receivers. As receivers are updated automatically overnight, viewers can access new channels immediately, with no complex reinstallation or re-scanning to be done by the end-user.

    Greater channel visibility

    Unlike traditional programme guides, offers complete visibility to the entire channel line-up with a preview of all programmes to be aired. Viewers can use to filter content by genre, or broadcaster. In a first for the FTA market, each channel is fully branded with an icon and logo for easier findability and greater visibility.

    In essence, offers a simplified user-experience enabling more viewers to find the channels that they prefer, meaning more value for advertiser and more revenue for broadcasters.


    Cost-effective viewing

    In developing regions, cost considerations are always a concern for generating new audiences. runs on low-cost set-top boxes and is widely available through local manufacturers. This makes it easier for new viewers to access the service and enhance their viewing experience.

    In addition, it is free for set-top box vendors, as well as broadcasters operating at Eutelsat’s video hotspots.

    Local-first philosophy

    In recent years it’s been discovered that local populations throughout Africa and the Middle East have a strong preference for local content in their home language. However, emerging channels that offer this content are often lost in a sea of hundreds of older, international channels. puts local first, with regionalised numbering that lists local channels first. This enables national broadcasters to be found more easily by their target audience. They can also use customised advertising to reach specific segments of their viewers. Another example of’s local first philosophy is that it provides channel information in the viewer’s local language. This makes it easier for viewers to find the content they resonate with and have an interest in, promoting growth for local audiences.



    Join the FTA revolution is gradually being implemented worldwide but is available right now for broadcasters in the North African and Middle Eastern region. It is another example of how Eutelsat is revolutionising the way we enjoy content throughout the world.

    If you would like to find out more about, visit the official website for more information. Or, if you want to find out how Eutelsat can help you gain more revenue, more significant audience numbers and superior reach, contact Eutelsat today.