Satellite in an expanding world


    The increase of globalisation and digitisation has affected the economy, how we work, and how we connect in the world. This has no doubt had an effect also on satellite services - the way we connect has uncovered new challenges for satellite service providers to keep up with the needs and expectations of customers worldwide. Eutelsat offers solutions to these challenges in the form of a revolutionary new connectivity service - Eutelsat ADVANCE.


    Challenges for service providers


    The terms ‘globalisation and digitisation’ have seen a lot of use in the past few decades as we acknowledge the shrinking world created by the internet and travel. Globalisation has allowed companies to expand across borders and enter foreign markets. With the nature of satellite internet, this could prove a risk to providers who might not be able to give the service they promise to all users across the board.  Hand-in-hand with this, digitalisation offers opportunities for new technologies and subsequently new growth in companies. These trends are only growing, and as a result, the rest of the world needs to catch up with the opportunities they present to businesses.

    The demand of today’s consumers also brings forward the need to keep your cloud at full readiness and up to date with best-practice transformation. Over the past two years, the current global health crisis has proved that it is imperative to have network connectivity available for all uses and users.

    With this comes the challenge of establishing realistic budgets. The global trend of companies expanding across borders and into different territories might prove challenging to keep budgets to a minimum without extra charges for service providers. Centralised control is usually easier to manage in terms of budgets and simplifying processes, but that might not always be possible.

    Satellite is the only technology that guarantees fast, reliable speeds, with little to no investment in infrastructure. Installation of terminals is easy, contact points are simplified, and service providers can tailor speeds to their needs. Satellite is the only medium that can provide coverage for remote areas and open up new markets - making it an essential investment avenue.


    How Eutelsat ADVANCE can help


    Eutelsat ADVANCE is a global satellite network-as-a-service that seamlessly integrates multiple capacities. It boasts a flexible portfolio that supports various vertical markets, including:


    ADVANCE enables business agility, efficiency and time to market through a global ecosystem of services and advanced technology and tools. By integrating all capacity simply and efficiently, ADVANCE can produce a service tailored to each market. The expansive coverage that this service offers means that providers can reach multiple markets in a far easier manner than before - and get ahead of the global digitisation trend. The technology that ADVANCE offers helps you manage and monitor your network, making the process of providing service seamless.

    Perhaps the most essential part, however, is that there are no entry barriers with ADVANCE. With no minimum engagements in terms of volume or time, the challenges that come with the globalised market become easier to handle.

    Partnering with ADVANCE, you are able to:

    • Choose the level of service depending on your needs and expectations
    • Address all business opportunities worldwide
    • Scale communications as they grow
    • Not worry about long-term capacity management
    • Benefit from an open ecosystem of partnerships


    Catch up with the globe


    Even though we might feel like we have come to a standstill with the Covid-19 pandemic ever-looming, the reality is that the world always finds a way to move forward. Ironically, pushed on by the pandemic, connectivity is one of the things that has become more accessible - as it has never been this important.

    Be part of this trend, and do it with ease, by choosing Eutelsat ADVANCE for your satellite service provider needs.