4 reasons ADVANCE Aviation is different to other IFC services

    Satellite connectivity offers a competitive advantage for aviation services


    The aviation industry has taken a hit in recent years, but with the world slowly opening up again, the competition is sure to start anew. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to have customer-pleasing features and offerings for your service.

    In the last decade, the proliferation of inflight connectivity has resulted in more than 25% of the world's commercial aircraft being connected. By 2030, the number of commercial aircraft equipped with a data connectivity Wi-Fi service is projected to at least double as more airlines provide satellite-based connectivity for both cabin and operational uses. As the aviation industry slowly begins to reemerge, it will be crucial for airlines to offer the convenience of effective, reliable in-flight connectivity.

    In this blog, we’ll explore how previous in-flight connectivity (IFC) services lacked the maturity to meet the demands of consumers and how Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation provides a viable alternative solution for airlines.


    Historical problems with IFC services

    Offering connectivity during a flight is one of the single most effective ways to provide more value for passengers. The entertainment and productivity benefits are attractive for both business and recreational passengers. However, the stability of in-flight connectivity has traditionally been an uphill battle.

    In the past, IFC has been rife with inflexibility, requiring entire refits, and was unreliable. IFC has traditionally been seen as a customer service asset with no direct ROI, leading many airlines to charge for it.

    Due to the nature of air travel, many IFC solutions suffer from poor performance regarding geographic coverage, reliability and bandwidth. In addition, airlines have been practically locked into services due to the downtime, cost and complications involved in switching hardware to support a different connectivity provider.

    Despite these difficulties, consumer demand for IFC continues to grow every year. Insights from our in-flight passenger survey indicate that 61% of passengers consider Wi-Fi a more critical factor than onboard entertainment when choosing an airline. Also, 77% of passengers would stop using their preferred airline in the next year if it offered poor quality inflight connectivity.

    With passengers increasingly valuing IFC, it’s clear that IFC access and provision will be a significant competitive advantage for airlines offering the service. This is why Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation has set out to make a difference for IFC solutions, providing a reliable, robust and flexible option for airlines.


    How Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation is different

    Eutelsat’s satellite services have always aimed to offer something beyond the expected - and our ADVANCE Aviation services are no exception. ADVANCE Aviation is the most reliable solution on the market for the aviation industry to offer consistent connectivity. With worldwide access to GEO and LEO satellite constellations, we can provide deep and flexible internet options to ensure a high-quality, mobile user experience with every flight.

    Here are four ways in which we differ from the traditional IFC business model.

    Flexible IFC model

    Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation is a product that invests in your success. Because of this, our service models take a flexible approach to connectivity and bandwidth plans. ADVANCE Aviation has been designed specifically for the aviation industry, with satellites dedicated for in-flight broadband and mobile high-speed internet uses, but never locks you into inflexible contracts. You can adjust each of our plans based on your customers, aircraft and services.

    Reservicable Aircraft Equipment

    One of the ways other IFC providers lock airlines into their services is by taking advantage of IFC equipment requiring significant downtime and exclusive gear. This way, airlines are discouraged from switching providers while current IFC providers become complacent in their position.

    Eutelsat is about to challenge this state of affairs. Our solutions can be installed quickly and easily, and even re-use equipment that is already installed on aircraft. If the installed systems comply with our ‘hardware re-use checklist’, airlines simply have to upgrade system software rather than the expensive and time-consuming process of changing all of the hardware. In this way, our modular approach to IFC is less restrictive and gives more freedom to airlines to make the best decisions based on quality rather than fear of downtime and cost.

    Unlimited, reliable coverage

    Travelling long distances over vast areas with a lack of terrestrial infrastructure has caused weak and unreliable coverage for IFC solutions. This has resulted in frustrated passengers who lose connectivity at regular intervals. Unfortunately, this has been a reality for many airlines, with very few alternative options.

    With ADVANCE Aviation, you no longer have to accept poor coverage and connectivity. Our ADVANCE Global Network offers fully redundant coverage and has partnered with terrestrial cellular networks across various sectors for passenger convenience no matter their mobile provider. This, in combination with Eutelsat’s fleet of satellites, means that passengers and airlines are never without connectivity, no matter how remote the journey or environment.

    Live TV and streaming capabilities

    With Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation, you have coverage no matter where or how fast you go. Passengers can enjoy in-flight connectivity, including internet browsing, video streaming, and live TV via their own tablets, smartphones and laptops.

    In addition, passengers can access live TV through satellite connectivity to stay in touch with the latest developments during their travels. Passengers can view news, entertainment, sports and other media directly from their seats.


    Eutelsat’s solution - ADVANCE Aviation

    Airlines should never be locked into contracts to gain reliable and effective IFC. With Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation, they no longer have to. ADVANCE Aviation has been designed specifically for the aviation industry, with satellites dedicated for in-flight broadband and mobile high-speed internet uses. This enables airlines to increase brand engagement and provide a seamless online experience through the entire travel experience, starting from their booking through to their final drop off at the destination.

    Advantages of ADVANCE Aviation

    • Global reach
    • Reliable connectivity
    • Flexible IFC data plan model
    • Re-use existing IFC equipment
    • Easy, intuitive user-interface
    • Secure, stable and reliable


    The sky’s the limit with ADVANCE

    Eutelsat ADVANCE Aviation is a unique product that aims to revolutionise IFC solutions for airlines. It is the only solution on the market to combine a unique ecosystem of service providers to benefit airlines and their passengers. Visit our website today to find out more.

    Only Eutelsat has a proven track record for supplying reliable and resilient connectivity to the far reaches of the world. Contact us today or visit our website for more information on ADVANCE.