6 key reasons why EUTELSAT 65WA is the best solution for FTA broadcasters in Brazil

    Greater coverage, more advantages


    In Brazil, the transition to 5G coverage will largely impact C-band frequencies. However, this move has disrupted Free-to-Air (FTA) TV channels throughout the country, which have historically relied upon C-band to broadcast their content to Brazilian audiences.

    The National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil, or Anatel, has announced that any FTA channels that wish to continue operating will have to migrate to Ku-band frequencies by 2022. Eutelsat has come forward with a solution for these FTA channels through their EUTELSAT 65 West A satellite, which offers many benefits to FTA channels.

    What is EUTELSAT 65 West A?

    EUTELSAT 65 West A (E65WA) is Eutelsat’s answer for unprecedented coverage across Brazil and Latin America. It is a satellite positioned at the 65 degrees West position and offers frequencies in planned C-band, Ku-band and Ka-band. The satellite features a high-powered Ku-band payload that enables DTH reception of standard digital and HD channels across Brazil with 60cm antennas, or higher.


    6 key benefits of using E65WA for FTA broadcasters

    As FTA broadcasters will have to seek an alternative solution for their distribution, Eutelsat’s E65WA satellite will present itself as an appealing option. The satellite has numerous benefits and advantages over competitors in the Brazilian region. Here are six key benefits of using Eutelsat’s E65WA satellite for Brazilian FTA broadcasters.

    E65WA has obligations of coverage, capacity, and continuity

    E65WA is a Brazilian satellite with obligations of coverage, capacity and continuity to serve Brazil. Eutelsat has formal satellite coordination agreements with Brazil to continue providing coverage through E65WA, which presents itself as a stable and trustworthy long-term solution for FTA channels.

    65° West is the only orbital position covering the country, hosting two Brazilian satellites from two different operators.

    100% coverage of the Brazilian territory

    E65WA is one of the few providers that provide 100% coverage of the Brazilian territory, including areas where terrestrial connectivity would simply be impossible to establish. This means that FTA broadcasters have access to around 15 million homes across Brazil to promote their channel and stream their content.

    Local interests at heart

    As an international organization, Eutelsat offers world-class service with substantial resources and technology. However, Eutelsat has local Brazilian interests at heart through E65WA. A minimum of 50% of the total capacity of the satellite is dedicated to the local market, and the control center of the satellite is operated in the country. This shows support for local businesses and employment throughout Brazil, with E65WA having a stake in the success of Brazilian infrastructure and enterprise.

    Only operator that ran an official test

    E65WA is one of the only satellites that has been proven to provide an effective solution for the Brazilian FTA channel migration from C-band to Ku-band. This was achieved via the simultaneous transmission of two satellites separated by 5 degrees, to provide implicit satellite redundancy.

    Additionally, having already been approved by 21 local FTA channels, E65WA transmitted in Ku-band via local teleport partner, Speedcast without any drop in quality or interruption of services. The successful tests position E65WA as one of the only proven solutions for the FTA migration, making it a secure and reliable choice for distribution.

    Turnkey solution

    Eutelsat’s E65WA solution is also rapidly deployable and easy to use. Eutelsat is ready to provide broadcaster connectivity through a turnkey solution composed of uplink and capacity. This can be done either for the uplink of 1 FTA channel or multiple channels through local teleport partner, Speedcast.

    FTA broadcasters in Brazil can expect to be up and running relatively quickly should they decide to use Eutelsat’s E65WA satellite position.

    Dual illumination

    Broadcasters who are transitioning frequencies may fear a drop in their service or quality. While these fears are valid, Eutelsat’s E65WA position provides a solution to ensure continuity. Through dual illumination from two satellites, Eutelsat provides coverage redundancy which limits downtime and provides for a seamless transition. This has already been tested through trials conducted on 21 different Brazilian FTA broadcasters, proving broadcasters can effectively transition from C-band to Ku-band without any disruption for their services.


    Show your support

    Eutelsat’s E65WA solution will be made available in the near future following approvals from Anatel and local broadcasters. If you want to discover more on Eutelsat and its services and support available to broadcasters around the world, visit Eutelsat’s website today.