It’s not an uncommon scenario. You want to broadcast your video content via satellite - but you have no idea where to begin. The amount of guidance on the topic is in short supply, which may leave you feeling directionless or that broadcasting is just out of your reach. However, there are concrete, definite steps you can take to broadcast your content via satellite. This blog will help direct you on your first steps toward broadcasting via satellite, with three key aspects to consider.


    Create your 24/7 channel

    You have your video content but how do you start broadcasting it via satellite? The first task you need to accomplish is to transform your content into a 24/7 TV channel. To do this, you’ll need a playout solution. This essential element of satellite broadcasting will help you generate a broadcast TV signal and manage your programming schedule, so you can continuously connect to audiences, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    In general, many broadcasters choose an external service provider who has the best solution to get their content on-air in no time. However, you should consider the following elements when choosing the right partner for your Playout solution:

    • Does the solution enable you to manage your media effectively and quickly? While playout services of the past limited users to specific hardware, today’s services enable you to store, access and manage your content remotely.
    • How does the solution process and encode your content, and how quickly can it accomplish this? The most efficient ones can do this seamlessly, using high quality codecs for optimal playback.
    • Can you include advertising content in your playlist? This is essential to monetise your channel and ensure the business continuity of your broadcast.
    • Does the solution enable you to quickly and easily change programming schedules? Assigning and playing back content playlists is a primary function.
    • How about the technical support? Sometimes, things go wrong - however, you shouldn’t have to lose viewers over it. Reliable technical support keeps your channels running for longer and helps you retain viewership.
    • What is the right deployment model for your organisation (on-premises, cloud or hybrid)? The key factors to consider are cost, the available storage space as well as technical and maintenance staff.


    Select your satellite

    Audiences are divided into different regions, which may respond to different content. You want to select the region that responds to the type of content and language you wish to stream.

    The regions available are:

    Once you know which region your audience is located in, you can choose the satellite which best serves that region. At Eutelsat we have each satellite listed on our website, and you can even search based on the region you want to reach.


    Send your content to the teleport

    Once you have a linear broadcast signal, and chosen your ideal satellite, you need to actually send the signal to the teleport. You can do this via internet or via satellite.

    Internet solutions can either be via a private network such as fibre or non-managed internet protocol like public internet. Factors to take into consideration when choosing an internet solution include whether you need redundancy capabilities, and how loss sensitive, and latency sensitive, is your content.

    To contribute your linear broadcast signal via satellite, you need a VSAT antenna and BUC (Block Up-Converter). This will enable you to transmit your signal to the teleport, where a provider like Eutelsat can further process it. From there, your content will be rebroadcast on the satellite you selected earlier.


    Work with the best

    If you want to start your own channel, satellite has the potential to help you reach your ideal audience. With the above steps, you can leverage the power of satellite to begin generating audiences and revenue for your content.

    After identifying the satellite that could best serve your needs, you can contact Eutelsat through our website by filling out a simple form. Our engineers and service staff will assist you through the entire process and help you broadcast your content quickly and effectively via our powerful constellation of satellites.

    Contact us today, and begin broadcasting via satellite, today.