Introducing Eutelsat ADVANCE

    A new experience of dynamic high-end connectivity services


    Eutelsat ADVANCE is our new suite of services designed to tackle the challenges of modern connectivity. Distributed by our network of service partners, it’s available for companies, telcos and governments who want to take the next step in accessing reliable connectivity with unprecedented reach. In this blog, we’ll outline why Eutelsat ADVANCE should be on your radar and what sets it apart from other connectivity services.


    What is Eutelsat ADVANCE?

    Eutelsat ADVANCE is a single, turnkey solution for extending your reach and accessing previously inaccessible markets. Delivering a satellite network-as-a-service experience, ADVANCE is distributed by an open ecosystem of partners and seamlessly integrates multiple capacities.

    Enabling business and technical agility, ADVANCE boosts your communications efficiency and time-to-market with sophisticated satellite technology. A flexible service catalogue tailored for each market gives users the most relevant service for their needs and can be scaled up or down depending on requirements.


    What are the core benefits of Eutelsat ADVANCE?

    ADVANCE offers many benefits for its users. It comes with all the advantages of using a premier satellite service and combines it with the Eutelsat service and prompt support that we have built our reputation on.

    Here are a few of the primary benefits of using Eutelsat ADVANCE.


    Eutelsat offers coverage of every continent with a strategically placed fleet of powerful satellites. ADVANCE enables you to reach any remote location independent of infrastructure or terrain. Our network is fully equipped to seamlessly integrate Ku and Ka-band capacity based on your needs and targeted location.


    Eutelsat ADVANCE doesn’t lock you into constrained contracts or limited service deals. Bandwidth can be increased or decreased on-demand - with no commitment for duration or volume required.


    ADVANCE is one of the only connectivity services available that scales accurately according to your needs. Our integrated, state-of-the-art platform enables application-use identification, prioritisation and throttling to boost business-critical application performance at an affordable rate that scales with your business demand.

    Rapid activation based on business needs

    Eutelsat ADVANCE offers various VNO services and packages. Each one is a fast, end-to-end managed solution that can be rapidly activated and deployed according to business needs. Our pre-defined packaged services contain Ka and Ku-band broadband plans, while our aggregated VNO services offer a specific, isolated environment defined by committed Mbps. In addition, we also provide custom solutions for key partners with specific needs.

    Designed for specific market challenges

    Eutelsat ADVANCE has been developed with specific markets in mind that can benefit from flexible, reliable and fast connectivity. These industries include the maritime, telecommunications, government, aviation and private enterprise industries, each with specific challenges that ADVANCE addresses.

    Below, we’ll showcase how ADVANCE helps these industries.


    Who is Eutelsat ADVANCE for?


    Enterprises today demand consistent, high-capacity and high-speed communications to remote regions. As operations expand, these demands are becoming ever more challenging to meet yet have become prerequisites to do business. ADVANCE Enterprise provides business-ready high-speed internet and dedicated solutions for the practical needs of a modern enterprise, from small home offices to large corporations.

    Specific benefits

    • Fast connectivity
    • Tailored solutions for business objectives and requirements
    • No upfront investment in infrastructure
    • 24/7 support

    Use cases

    • Civil services
    • Banking and insurance
    • Energy and utilities
    • Retail and hospitality
    • Construction and mining
    • Agriculture



    The maritime industry often deals with large data requirements for consumer consumption in the most unforgiving and remote conditions. Vessels of all sizes are often poorly equipped to provide reliable voice and data solutions for crew and customers alike. ADVANCE Maritime solves this challenge by providing powerful, extensive coverage for maritime services around the world. It offers total flexibility on industrial bandwidth requirements while providing guaranteed performance and customised service and SLAs for VIP vessels.

    Specific benefits

    • Flexible solutions for shipping
    • Global coverage
    • Dynamic service plans
    • Mobile reliability

    Use cases

    • Merchant shipping
    • Cruise and ferries
    • Yachting
    • Offshore



    Airlines are leveraging connectivity through passenger mobile apps and devices to increase brand engagement and provide a seamless online experience. Connectivity is a critical asset that must be secured for airlines to achieve this objective. ADVANCE Aviation is the most reliable solution on the market for the aviation industry to offer consistent connectivity and a high-quality, mobile user experience with every flight.

    Specific benefits

    • Flexible IFC model
    • Re-service equipped aircraft
    • Unlimited coverage
    • Mobile reliability

    Use cases

    • High-speed mobile broadband
    • Modular IFC connectivity
    • Live TV and Streaming capabilities



    Telecommunications organisations have often relied on terrestrial networks to reach their customers and provide their services. However, this has left the more remote markets untapped and unserviced. As businesses and people expand outwards across the world, so too are their communications requirements. ADVANCE Backhaul enables network operators to extend their service area regardless of the availability and quality of terrestrial infrastructure to ensure connectivity for communities and businesses beyond the reach of mobile networks.

    Specific benefits

    • Effective backhaul solution
    • Rapid deployment over the entire comms chain
    • Easy network management
    • Extended infrastructure

    Use cases

    • Mobile network backhaul
    • Ultra-rural area backhaul
    • Private networks and trunks



    National governments around the world are increasingly using digital solutions to manage disaster and relief situations, conduct critical missions and implement nation-building initiatives. For many, this means using secure channels with extensive reach and easy accessibility. ADVANCE Government offers secure, resilient and reliable connectivity that can be rapidly deployed at a moment’s notice. Our solutions can easily reach remote areas for assuring access to critical services that can support any requirement and any scenario.

    Specific benefits

    • Dynamic solutions
    • Secure, fast and dependable connectivity
    • Fully controllable satcoms
    • Extensive range and coverage

    Use cases

    • Sea-based operations for coast guards, maritime surveillance and navies
    • Secure, rapidly deployable connectivity for land-based operations
    • Air connectivity with a controllable payload



    ADVANCE your connectivity

    With the increase in digitalisation in the world today, we are eager to see the impact ADVANCE will have on the various industries, countries and their people. The unlimited potential that ADVANCE can unlock for its users will have a dramatic effect for industries at large where reliable connectivity is becoming a standard requirement, even beyond the reach of terrestrial coverage.

    If you would like to find out more, visit the Connectivity page on our website, or contact us for more information.