Satellite-as-a-Service: The Future of Satellite Network Communications

    The Power of Satellite, On-Demand


    Satellite connectivity provides some of the best reach and coverage available. However, historically it has often been out of reach for organisations and private users due to the cost involved. This is soon changing with the satellite-as-a-service model.

    This blog post will explain what satellite-as-a-service is, what benefits it offers, and how it can future-proof the connectivity industry for network providers.


    What is Satellite-as-a-Service?

    Traditionally, network providers who use satellites for connectivity are bound to their location and the set coverage. While this is convenient for those who operate within the covered areas, it requires service providers to massively invest in network infrastructure and new satellite technology when they want to extend their reach or adjust to changing market conditions.

    As demand for bandwidth expansion continues to grow, end-customers are expecting more and more end-to-end integrated global solutions delivered within days. This increasing demand can cause spending to quickly spiral, putting pressure on a providers’ expansion plans.

    This is where the satellite-as-a-service model comes in. With the satellite-as-a-service model, satellite service providers don’t have to invest large amounts of money to acquire the multiple satellite services they need to match their challenges. Instead, they simply become part of a ‘satellite network’ that offers a much more tailored, flexible, managed service that operators can define for their needs. With satellite-as-a-service, operators can increase or decrease bandwidth as needed, and move geographic coverage according to their requirements.


    The Benefits of Satellite-as-a-Service

    Satellite-as-a-service has changed the game for network operators because it puts the control of satellite connectivity into their hands. Satellite-as-a-service is a global solution that enables providers to create value for their end-users through maintenance, technical support and a large portfolio of other value-added services.

    Here are a few benefits of using satellite-as-a-service:

    • Increased flexibility to meet changing market demands.
    • Full control of bandwidth and coverage.
    • Minimal ownership risk.
    • Access to a tailored asset for their connectivity needs.
    • Latest technologies with no further investment.


    With all these benefits, using a satellite-as-a-service offer is a compelling choice for network operators around the world, allowing them to focus on their IP management and value-added services, while supporting their customers via their existing Network Operation Centers (NOC).


    The Future of Satellite Connectivity

    For the public sector, secure government networks, natural disaster relief management, special operations, and nation-building require easily deployable, dependable, safe, flexible, and affordable communications. Satellite-as-a-service is the next step towards more efficient, economical use of satellite-based communications. Eutelsat’s ADVANCE Government offers a solution for governmental activities with secure, resilient and reliable connectivity that can be deployed at a moment’s notice. It can easily reach remote areas for assuring access to critical services that can support any requirement and any scenario.

    For the private sector, service providers can benefit from ready-to-use plans or VNO solutions to deliver high-end connectivity services across multiple sectors. Whether it’s to connect remote sites, access weather monitoring, maritime analytics, aircraft-tracking sensors or even something as simple as ensuring mobile connectivity for passengers, Eutelsat ADVANCE enables flexible, secure, dedicated connectivity.

    And mobile network operators can finally reach further than terrestrial infrastructure would historically allow, enabling them to access entirely new markets and retain customers no matter where they are. With flexible satellite backhaul solutions, simply integrated into local networks, operators can extend their terrestrial infrastructure and immediately serve dispersed areas.


    Eutelsat ADVANCE: Our Satellite Solution

    Eutelsat ADVANCE is one of the foremost satellite-as-a-service offerings for multiple industries and public sector use. It offers control over dedicated connectivity for private operations and secure government missions. ADVANCE guarantees reliable, high-capacity, high-speed remote communications while providing seamless connectivity for users to control and direct as they need. Contact us today to discuss your satellite-as-a-service needs, or visit the Eutelsat ADVANCE website for more information.