The Benefits of 4K UHD Broadcasting

    Ultra-High Definition (UHD) is quickly becoming the popular choice for viewers worldwide. UHD is the next step up from HD and the consumer standard for what industry professionals call 4K. But why should broadcasters invest in 4K UHD TV?


    Four reasons why you should invest in UHD broadcasting


    1. UHD is becoming the preferred TV format for viewers

    As it happened with HD, the drive for UHD is being set by consumers investing in the technology. According to IHS, the 4K TV market will grow by over 20% between 2020 and 2024, with 4K screens accounting for nearly 70% of all TV screen shipments by 2024. However, growth could be hampered by a lack of content for 4K-equipped households to watch.

    Customer experience is essential to the success of your company. In many aspects, service experts have followed where brand experts led in recent years. Placing customer experience at the centre of your efforts is crucial. Focusing resources on clients, especially high-value clients, directly leads to gaining loyal support and being able to anticipate their needs.

    As such, if your consumers are looking toward UHD as their primary choice of broadcast, then you should too.

    2. The Benefits of 4K UHD TV

    A cinematic, immersive experience: With the combination of better colour standards, image depth, and significantly more detail, UHD offers an experience at home that is difficult to find.

    4K UHD fits in with the growing desire for larger TVs with higher resolution. The bigger TVs get, the more likely they are to expose faults and weaknesses in the source material on screen; but UHD can solve this problem.

    Diagram showing the resolution difference between SD, HD, Full HD, UHD and 4K TV.

    HDR (High Dynamic Range), combined with better colour performance, offers a greater dynamic range of luminosity and significantly increases the contrast ratio for more vivid pictures. Pixels on screen are even brighter, representing scenes more accurately and giving more detail in the dark. Complementing 4K, HDR delivers more visual impact, while 4K enables a sharper, more defined image, giving viewers at home a cinema-quality experience.

    Two screens displaying the difference beween SDR and HDR TV

    As we can see, there are quite a few benefits that 4K UHD provides for the viewer. Without the need to travel to experience this kind of quality anymore, coupled with the advanced offerings of UHD, it becomes an excellent selling point for broadcasters who decide to invest in it.

    Such advantages carry over when negotiating with advertisers and creators, enabling broadcasters to secure exclusive deals and content.

    3. 4K UHD future-proofs your business

    For successful business planning, it is essential to future-proof your company. One of the key components of future-proofing is staying ahead of the curve and making sure you can anticipate what your customers want and need. The statistics show that UHD seems to be what consumers want; as such, investing in 4K UHD broadcasting is key to becoming and staying a major player in the industry.

    4. UHD helps you stay relevant

    Technology is fast-paced and fast-growing in the world we exist in today. Coupled with the isolation brought on by Covid-19, the global population has invested a lot more into entertainment technologies to stay connected.

    As mentioned throughout this blog, consumer needs are key to ensuring that you are safe regarding your company’s future. However, how does 4K UHD broadcasting help you achieve this?

    It comes as a package deal. With fast adoption, better quality, and the way UHD acts as an excellent selling point, it stands as something which broadcast companies need to invest in to stay relevant. In fact, over 50% of US consumers already own a 4K TV, and as we know - this number will only grow in the coming years.


    4K UHD as the future

    UHD is fast-tracking its way to the top. Viewers are using UHD more and more to access entertainment and other sources of information for their needs. As such, it is an essential investment for any broadcast company that wants to stay relevant.

    Satellites are a natural platform for broadcasting bandwidth-heavy UHD content. With their high bandwidth availability, wide coverage areas, and cost-effective distribution capabilities, they are the fastest, easiest way to deliver 4K packages to local operators, and viewers can receive the same quality signal wherever they are located across the satellite coverage.

    Eutelsat is fully prepared for 4K UHD broadcasting and can help with the future-proofing of your broadcast service, ensuring success for years to come. Contact us today to find out more.