How ADVANCE Backhaul is enhancing Telecom Networks

    Satellite distribution complements telecommunications - not competes with them


    Telecommunications companies rely upon terrestrial networks to distribute their services and provide connectivity to millions of people worldwide. However, terrestrial networks can only reach so far, limiting these companies’ potential reach and growth. Extending these networks with satellite connectivity is an opportunity to strengthen and future-proof their existing network, whilst allowing them to access new markets.

    Mobile Network Operators are faced with the challenge of expanding their client base beyond urban areas. However, these users lack access to the infrastructure required for good connectivity, forcing many telecom operators to invest substantial amounts of money in setting up a local network. However, this is no longer the case.

    For many years satellite connectivity has been seen as a competitive force for telecommunications companies and challenging to integrate into local networks cost-effectively. This has all changed with innovations like Eutelsat ADVANCE, which, through joint network design, is affordable and flexible for successful backhaul deployment.

    Satellite could be the only complimentary service that offers an opportunity for these companies to expand into rural locations and offer reliable connectivity. In this blog, we’ll highlight three areas where satellites can strengthen a telecommunications network and provide essential support for backhaul deployment.


    Mobile network backhaul

    Telecommunications organisations have historically relied on terrestrial networks to reach their customers and provide their services. However, this has left the more remote markets untapped and unserviced. As businesses and people expand outwards across the world, communications requirements are dramatically expanding and need a new solution.

    As a mobile operator or service integrator, reaching remote areas requires extensive mobile network backhaul. The further service coverage is needed, the stronger and more reliable the connectivity solution needs to be to ensure the backhaul performs well. Mobile networks, transport services and IoT operations are increasingly demanding a solid backhaul transmission network from mobile operators.

    How satellite helps

    Satellite offers a unique opportunity for mobile operators to keep up with the demand for connectivity while alleviating the increasing pressure to provide backhaul connectivity.

    With ADVANCE Backhaul, you gain resilient connectivity with satellite redundancy covering all markets and regions, effectively connecting cell site air interfaces to wireline networks and data centres. Satellite’s resilience and reliability also ensure that companies and users can rely upon the connection quality of a telecommunications company, no matter where they may find themselves.


    Ultra-rural backhaul

    Untapped, emerging markets are a future opportunity for telecommunications organisations as businesses, people, and industries establish themselves in more remote areas of the world. Soon ultra-rural industries such as agriculture and maritime will be relying upon technology that will require connectivity to function.

    Terrestrial networks face multiple challenges in ultra-rural areas due to the challenging terrain and lack of development. This often means that telecommunications companies miss out on the opportunity to service these areas, leaving opportunities for further business on the table unconnected.

    How satellite helps

    ADVANCE Backhaul enables mobile operators to capitalise on this growing opportunity, with a flexible, scalable solution that offers coverage across vast regions, no matter how remote. Satellite provides the ability to reach and connect any challenging terrain that would otherwise be impossible for terrestrial networks to operate in.

    Services such as ADVANCE Backhaul embrace the multitude of advantages satellite offers and provides them in a way that makes sense for telecommunications companies and their users. It extends 2G, 3G and 4G, and soon 5G, via satellite to rural areas to ensure connectivity for communities and businesses beyond the reach of mobile networks.


    Private networks and trunks

    For many private networks, keeping up with high running costs hinders their ability to grow and expand. Private trunks often face the challenge of creating efficient network access between separate nodes and providing multiple signals at once.

    To provide for multiple signals while supplying a quality service, private networks and trunks need to offer greater reach with economical solutions for the long term.

    How satellite helps

    Eutelsat ADVANCE Backhaul offers dynamic plans to accommodate seasonal volumetric changes. We provide for private networks using radio technologies, regions trunking for carriers and service integrators in rural or dispersed areas.

    With dynamic plans that accommodate your needs, ADVANCE’s services and solutions can adapt to your needs in the moment and ensure business continuity no matter your challenges on the day, season or year.


    Eutelsat’s solution - ADVANCE Backhaul

    Telecommunications companies no longer have to limit themselves to the constraints of terrestrial networks. With satellite, telcos can access entirely new markets and continue to grow and offer their services with greater reach.

    Eutelsat ADVANCE is such a service that solves these needs for Telcos. It offers vital connectivity with reliable high-speed communications to manage critical data and telemetry connectivity across vast coverage areas. It is specifically designed to act as a complementary service to extend your reach and access to remote markets and challenging terrain. ADVANCE is flexible and scalable with overlapping beams to better align with customer needs and provide network resiliency.

    Advantages of ADVANCE Backhaul

    • Global reach
    • Reliable connectivity
    • Effective backhaul solution
    • Rapid, turnkey deployment
    • Easy, intuitive user-interface
    • Extension of terrestrial infrastructure


    Ensure connectivity for your operations

    It’s time to hybridize the terrestrial! Satellite connectivity enables telcos to expand beyond their historical constraints and offer their services to nearly any market. Consider Eutelsat ADVANCE Backhaul to connect your network and customers anywhere and anytime.

    Only Eutelsat has a proven track record for supplying reliable and resilient connectivity to the far reaches of the world. Contact us today or visit our website for more information on ADVANCE.