20 premium video neighbourhoods

Leading broadcasters have long trusted us to deliver their content where and when they need it. So much so that we now reach over 274 million homes across Europe, Middle East and Africa at 20 key video neighbourhoods.

7000 TV channels, 1500 HDTV channels and 1100 radio stations now broadcast via the extensive capacity of our 37 satellites, both to homes equipped for DTH reception and to those connected via cable, IP and DTT networks.

The Eutelsat service doesn’t begin and end with the satellites themselves though. Our control centres operate 24/7 to ensure a high-quality, reliable service around the clock. And with in-depth TV market expertise in 109 countries, our dedicated marketing support team will help you gain market share and new audiences.


8 satellites

Europe's most long-standing satellite operator for over 30 years.



4 satellites

Leading orbital positions in Russia and the CIS



7 satellites

MENA's N° 1 satellite broadcaster reaching 90% of TV homes



5 satellites

Leading DTH broadcasting in Africa with every second channel via Eutelsat



2 satellites

Comprehensive coverage for Asia Pacific broadcasting



5 satellites

Exclusive video neighbourhoods for the Americas



Delivering stunning content consistently

Image quality is increasingly important to audiences as we are seeing in the acceleration in take-up of HD and now Ultra HD (UHD).

Euroconsult forecasts that the share of HD channels worldwide will increase from 23% in 2016 to 46% in 2026. According to Screen Digest, more than 103 million homes in Europe are equipped with HD-Ready displays, making HD available in over 60% of households.

The future is also fast becoming a reality for millions as the broadcast industry adapts to Ultra HD TV, the new benchmark for broadcasting, with demand for UHD growing. According to an IHS Markit study, over 55 million 4K TVs were shipped in 2016.

Satellites are a natural platform for broadcasting Ultra HD content. Their bandwidth availability and wide coverage areas enables viewers to receive the same quality signal wherever they are located within the satellite coverage.


At the forefront of connected TV and multi-device delivery


Our end-user distribution solutions create new opportunities for broadcasters and enhance the viewing experience for audiences.

Get your content into more homes with Eutelsat CIRRUS, the new, fully supported, state-of-the-art, turnkey content delivery solution designed to overcome the challenges inherent in building a content distribution business.

Broadcast live video channels in IP format via satellite with SmartBEAM and leverage all the advantages of satellite broadcast on IP-native screens.

Enhance free-to-air viewing for consumers and increase engagement with audiences with, the new-generation Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

Operate linear television networks and connected TV applications directly by satellite with Eutelsat’s SmartLNB for Direct-to-Home antenna.


Get your content into more homes with Eutelsat CIRRUS, the reliable, high quality, cost-effective answer for broadcasters. Eutelsat CIRRUS is a fully-supported, state-of-the-art, turnkey content delivery solution. Delivering video and channels simply anywhere, it helps broadcasters meet increasing customer expectations for a flexible, seamless content experience across multiple screens.



Broadcast live video channels in IP format via satellite, creating a network dedicated to all IP-native terminals. Eutelsat's SmartBEAM solution leverages all the advantages of satellite broadcast, bringing rich video content and a high-quality user experience to IP-native screens, whether in homes or public venues, such as hotels or shopping malls.



Operate linear television networks and connected TV applications directly by satellite. Eutelsat’s SmartLNB for Direct-to-Home antenna is a new-generation electronic feed connected to an antenna with an embedded transmitter for interactive applications such as HbbTV, pay-per-view, social networking, personal subscription management and live show participation.



Enhance the free-to-air viewing experience for consumers and increase engagement with audiences with a new free TV programme guide. Available for homes equipped for DTH reception at the 7/8° West neighbourhood, the free TV programme guide gives users extensive access to detailed programmes in the channel line-ups, with options to browse by time, channel or type of content.



With you every step of the way

We provide customers with full-time or ad hoc capacity and services for broadcasting to homes equipped for DTH reception or connected to cable, IP and DTT networks.

Our satellites also serve requirements for programme exchanges, contribution links, and newsgathering from all four corners of the globe.

In the video market we accompany clients at every stage of the transmission process, from uplinking images the moment they are filmed, to broadcasting finished programmes to TV audiences, whether regional, national or worldwide. Our digital platforms provide cost-effective access to satellite networks and turnkey services.

Eutelsat's satellites are also the key gateway into Europe and Africa for leading Asian and American broadcasters, and the main hub for distributing and exchanging programmes among broadcasters.


Deliver channel multiplexes to DTT transmitters, as well as directly serving homes beyond range of DTT reception.



Enjoy cost-effective access to satellite networks and turnkey services and widen your channel reach.



Get your content where you need it with point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmissions.



Instant access to worldwide events

In an uncertain world you can rely on us to get you on air fast. The global TV industry relies on us to give their customers access to events as they unfold. But it’s not just video broadcasting, we’re here to help across the board, from the corporate sector to disaster recovery.

Whatever you need, from 4.5MHz or a full 72 MHz transponder, for 15 minutes or a monthly lease, our flexible service can meet your requirements, whether planned or unexpected.

Book your capacity online in just a couple of clicks, or contact the Sales and Reservation Centre to find the solution that best meets your needs. Our team has a unique breadth of experience to advise you and deliver best-in-class services around the world.


Delivering major sporting events to screens around the world

For major sports and cultural events, broadcasters need to deliver content rapidly, often from difficult-to-reach locations, and for very specific time periods.

Clients rely on us to deliver tailored coverage around the world, with flexible solutions ensuring cost-effective access to satellite networks, services, and global coverage.

Satellite delivery is available anywhere, with no need for a terrestrial connection. It’s straight-forward to set up, instantly accessible and delivers a consistently high quality of service, whether viewers are watching on a smartphone or a cinema screen.

Quality is extremely important for sport and cultural events. There are no second chances when broadcasting the final sprint up the Champs Elysées in the Tour de France – the experience has to be perfect for everyone, wherever they are.


Cost-effective Satellite News and Data Gathering in Ka-band

NewsSpotter makes satellite news and data gathering across Europe and the Mediterranean Basin simple and cost-effective.

The compact, lightweight equipment is easy to deploy, enabling you to start transmitting and receiving real-time, high-quality video, images and data from any location, via the KA-SAT satellite, in just a couple of minutes.

Ideal for occasional or permanent use, NewsSpotter delivers seamless integration into IP networks using state-of-the-art satellite technology, removing the need for any infrastructure.

Bandwidth can be reserved online using the self-booking application, which is perfect for occasional, last minute use, or for guaranteeing reservations for dedicated use.


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