Delivering TV channels to over 274 million homes

Eutelsat's satellites sit at the heart of the video chain, from outside broadcasting to viewing in the home.

In this fast-moving market, where innovation is propelling forward the quality of the viewing experience, satellites are an unrivalled route to ubiquitous coverage, and a source of bandwidth for media-rich services such as HDTV and Ultra HD.

For these new-generation services, satellites are a privileged way to deliver the highest television quality to users in areas underserved or unserved by terrestrial networks.



Connecting consumers and businesses worldwide

Access to the social and economic benefits of broadband for all homes and businesses has become a major challenge addressed by national governments as well as regional and local authorities.

Satellites are a vital component of this ecosystem, complementing terrestrial networks with the guarantee of high-speed communications for the most remote communities. They are increasingly called on to connect remote networks to the main internet arteries and cellular infrastructure, and are often the only technology able to immediately secure and restore communication.



Simple, inexpensive connectivity for assets via satellite

Across all industries, billions of remote assets will soon be connected to increase productivity, reduce costs, and create new revenue streams, in ways previously unthinkable. From industrial applications, to Smart Cities, farming, Point-of-Sales, and the latest security solutions; from highly valuable industrial assets to the smallest devices - data will power the world of tomorrow.

Eutelsat will be at the core of the Internet of Things revolution, connecting businesses to assets in ways not possible before.  Whether fixed or on the move, across land and ocean, Eutelsat will revolutionise the way businesses access and use data from assets, no matter where they are deployed, in a simple and affordable way.