Working with you to ensure your operational success

With an extensive network of over 70 teleports throughout the world, you can access our satellites from almost any geographical location around the globe and connect to your audiences.

All transmissions via Eutelsat satellites are subject to certain standards and parameters to guarantee high-quality reception and the safety of the overall system. We constantly monitor and control our entire satellite fleet, to guarantee the best quality transmission of your services, and work with industry groups and leading satellite operators to find solutions to eliminate the disruption caused by interference.



Accessing Eutelsat space segment

Users are responsible for ensuring compatibility between the earth stations within their network, and must comply with Eutelsat criteria for minimising interference between earth stations and Eutelsat satellites on which space segment capacity is provided.

To assist prospective users, we provide documents detailing the technical performance characteristics required to obtain Eutelsat approval to access the space segment and qualify for acceptance as a “Standard” earth station when accessing Eutelsat space segment.