Your partner for a digital world

Satellites are the most efficient platform for delivering channel multiplexes to cable and IPTV head-ends, Digital Terrestrial transmitters, as well as directly serving homes which remain beyond the range of DTT reception.

With proven experience of DTT broadcasting in France, Greece, Italy and Ireland in Europe, and in Africa, in Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kenya and Zimbabwe, among many others, you can rely on our experience and expertise to deliver on your promises.

Eutelsat's end-to-end turnkey solution includes satellite and ground segment, providing you with powerful regional coverage, flexibility and scalability.

Alongside our technical expertise we can help you break into the DTT market with Eutelsat's marketing team and take advantage of extensive TV market knowledge in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


A cost-effective entry point with digital platforms

Designed for growing broadcasters and multimedia content providers, Eutelsat Digital Platforms (EDPs) are the answer for cost-effective access to satellite networks and turnkey services.

EDPs give broadcasters immediate reach to the wide audiences available via satellite, without the need to invest in expensive multiplexing facilities.

In addition to satellite bandwidth, the turnkey service includes channel collection from your premises, multiplexing of the content and uplinking to the satellite, giving you cost-effective access to large established audiences. 

We offer full turnkey services including turnaround, encryption, hosting, and 24/7 monitoring and control.

Our flexible bitrate options can handle all types of transmissions from audio and cartoons to action-packed sports coverage.


Join the fastest growing hotspot for the region with over 3 million TV homes at 7° East


Reach over 4 million homes from 16° East, Africa's leading free-to-air neighbourhood


Join the channels broadcasting to TV homes in Central Africa from 3° East


Benefit from the high power coverage at 8° West to reach TV homes across the region


Deliver your content to 160M homes at EMEA's leading HOTBIRD neighbourhood


Broadcast your channel into Brazil directly from North America and Europe


Reinventing content discovery for FTA satellite TV channels

Logo_Sat-tv.jpg (Web)

Sat.tv, the enhanced electronic programme guide for free-to-air (FTA) TV channels brings unique value, enabling broadcasters to target specific markets from Eutelsat’s video hotspots and engage with massive audiences.

Channels are referenced in FTA set-top-boxes, with prominent channel numbering for each relevant market, comprehensive programme information, content search and reminders, maximising the conversion of massive satellite reach into real TV audience.

Unique features for the FTA world, such as a channel line-up that is both regionalised and always up-to-date, give audiences an enhanced user experience with relevant content to watch.

Available at Eutelsat’s 7/8° West orbital position, the leading TV neighbourhood for the Middle East and North Africa reaching over 60 million homes, Sat.tv is being progressively deployed at other Eutelsat video neighbourhoods.

Enhanced Electronic Programme Guide (EPG)

The EPG gives viewers visibility to the entire channel line-up, with a preview of all programmes to be aired, filtered by content genre, including programme thumbnails – a first for the FTA market. This simplifies the user experience, enabling more viewers to be attracted to a channel’s content, meaning more value for advertisers and more revenues for the channel.


Automatic installation and up-to-date channel list

All channels are automatically installed on the satellite receivers, with a fixed channel numbering. As receivers are updated automatically overnight, new channels can be accessed by viewers immediately, with no complex reinstallation or re-scanning to be done by the end-user.


Consistent channel presentation

An easy-to-use, graphic-based navigation presents viewers with the channel name, logo, and channel genre, written in the local language (including Arabic script). Referenced with a single channel number, they can be discovered by filtering on a specific channel theme. This makes relevant channels easier to find by audiences who are interested in specific genres. The line-up of channels is organised according to geography and theme, so that channels are located together with similar channels.


Regionalised numbering

Channels that are of interest to the viewer’s country are listed first, with a unique channel numbering system. This enables national broadcasters to be found more easily by their target audience. Broadcasters can also drive different audiences to different video feeds and customise advertising to specific audiences. By combining the massive audience of satellite broadcast, with targeted engagement, Sat.tv helps boost advertising revenues. Regionalised channel numbering is also a unique asset for countries extending their terrestrial TV (DTT) network with satellite coverage, as Sat.tv receivers can use the channel numbering required by the local regulator.


Available on a new generation of free satellite receivers

Sat.tv runs on low-cost set-top boxes and is being rapidly implemented by a wide range of set-top box manufacturers. It is free-of-charge for set-top box vendors, as well as for broadcasters operating at Eutelsat’s video hotspots.



Deliver a multiscreen experience with video streaming over satellite

Satellite Multiscreen increases a broadcaster’s reach to mobile screens in areas where internet is not sufficient. Content multicast over satellite can be watched on IP devices, irrespective of the quality of the internet connection, enabling broadcasters to distribute content to all screens and regions, no matter how remote their audience.

As we increasingly use our mobile devices to access video content and stream live events, we want to enjoy the same content experience we have at home, wherever we are. However, at public venues visitors often cannot reliably stream video content on their mobile devices without suffering buffering issues when demand is high. 

By leveraging the power of satellite broadcasting, broadcasters and public venue owners can address this untapped audience and provide a high-quality, cost-effective viewing experience for visitors. They can deliver high quality video streaming services to mobile devices, irrespective of local internet connection speeds or network congestion.

Combining Eutelsat’s extensive satellite fleet with local Wi-Fi distribution, linear TV and video distribution to mobile devices has never been more reliable or better quality, even in areas where there is limited terrestrial coverage - no matter how many simultaneous viewers, and without consuming any mobile data allowance.

Thanks to the inherent strength of linear multicast over satellite, the superior quality of video distribution extends access to video content on mobile devices beyond terrestrial networks, and helps broadcasters maximize both reach and content monetization.


Get your content where you need it

We provide broadcasters and news programmers with contribution links for original, post-produced and fully contributed news, sports and entertainment segments for finished programme integration.

Whatever your signal type, whether it’s for DTH broadcasting, DTT rebroadcasting, radio or data, our contribution services ensure signals reach the right uplink station or multiplexing platform for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmissions.

We also offer a cost-effective service for contribution links to digital TV platforms on Eutelsat satellites and in particular for Eutelsat’s Digital Platforms. By minimising the overall costs of digital platform services, we make platform access attractive to smaller broadcasters.




High-quality video distribution

To ensure high-quality video distribution, four primary elements must all be in place before a channel can focus on creating quality content: hosting, service quality, resilience and recovery.

Eutelsat operates a full range of ground services for cost-effective access to our satellite fleet, to ensure channels deliver the highest standards of quality to audiences.


Host your servers in our fully redundant infrastructure, and maintain control of your applications, with dedicated server racks in secure, co-located or private rooms.


Hosting (PDF, 607 KB)

Premium Service Level Agreement

At Eutelsat, we commit to clear and measurable targets in our Premium Service Level Agreements to help you manage your business-critical operations and avoid dissatisfied customers or revenue loss.


Premium Service Level Agreement (PDF, 457 KB)

Satellite Interference Mitigation

Interference can be a major problem for service reliability. At Eutelsat you can expect our best resources to keep your service operational, even if there’s interference from external factors, or severe weather conditions.


Satellite Interference Mitigation (PDF, 539 KB)

Ground Disaster Recovery

In the case of critical disasters, faulty equipment or serious damage, customers can safeguard their networks and guarantee 24/7 broadcast operations with a disaster recovery plan.


Ground Disaster Recovery (PDF, 531 KB)