Satellites are a vital part of the connectivity ecosystem, guaranteeing reliable, high-capacity, high-speed communications to even the most remote communities.

When connecting remote networks to the main internet backbone and cellular infrastructure, they are often the only technology able to provide communications with 99% reliability.

Satellites help terrestrial network operators to meet growing bandwidth demands. They complement existing networks and offer secure backhaul services.

Eutelsat works closely with fixed and mobile network operators and service providers to deliver seamless connectivity. Our full range of data and broadband services includes interconnecting corporate networks worldwide, backhauling for mobile communications networks, and connecting IoT and M2M networks.



High-end connectivity for businesses

VSAT-based solutions provide telecom and broadband connectivity for large and small enterprises, oil and gas, government offices, distance-learning, telemedicine, banking, point-of-sales, hospitality, disaster recovery, remote surveillance and more.

For organisations needing to interconnect sites with underserved terrestrial infrastructure, VSAT networks can be operated by the customer with the technology of their choice, everywhere in the satellite footprint - both to substitute or complement terrestrial networks.

These efficient, highly reliable, point-to-multipoint networks cover a wide geographical area and are simple to install. They offer immediate accessibility, continuous high-quality transmissions and can be expanded at very low extra cost to meet business demand.

Whether you need to connect remote sites to the internet backbone, interconnect local area networks, virtual private networks, videoconferencing or voice and data transmissions, our solutions are ideal for governments, enterprises, ISPs and satellite service providers with point-to-multipoint networks for long-distance communications.


Private networks with IP Easy

Connect remote sites to the internet backbone, interconnect local area networks, virtual private networks, video-conferencing, voice and data transmissions

  • Dedicated satellite connectivity and guaranteed bandwidth
  • Fully Eutelsat-managed services or Virtual Network Operator (VNO) solutions
  • Flexible, efficient core architecture, modular design for scalability
  • Identical service quality, implementation and infrastructure costs across all sites
  • Ideal for governments, enterprises, ISPs and satellite service providers


Packaged solutions for consumers, SoHo and SMEs with IP Easy


  • Seamless connectivity across Africa, the Middle East and the Americas
  • Turnkey solution for small to medium-sized businesses
  • Instantaneous client activation with download speeds up to 10 Mbps and shared bandwidth
  • Easy to install, compact and affordable


Connecting people even in the most isolated areas

Telecom operators, ISPs and a wide range of enterprises rely on satellites for internet backbone connectivity, enabling them to provide broadband access to people located beyond the range of terrestrial networks.

As communications requirements dramatically expand, mobile backhaul requirements are also escalating and network operators are facing increasing pressure to provide backhaul connectivity for GSM networks.

Eutelsat’s backhaul and trunking solutions enable remote communities to access the IP backbone or global voice traffic with a seamless interface that is cost-effective, rapidly deployed and flexible.

Providing full regional coverage, Eutelsat's satellites can extend terrestrial infrastructure and immediately serve dispersed points of presence reliably at very low marginal cost.


Backhauling rural GSM networks

Satellite’s universal coverage enables network operators to extend their service area regardless of the availability and quality of terrestrial infrastructure.

  • Extending 2G/3G/4G networks via satellite to rural areas ensures connectivity for communities beyond the reach of mobile networks
  • Eutelsat’s fully integrated GSM backhaul solutions, in partnership with a GSM infrastructure integrator and regional teleport operators, enable mobile network operators to focus on managing their network traffic, while Eutelsat and partners manage the rural backhaul network
  • Our turnkey solutions cover the entire communications chain, from the satellite link and network management, to roll-out and maintenance of micro remote sites.


Rural GSM Network Backhaul (PDF, 11 MB)


Simple, secure,
cost-effective IoT connectivity

Intelligent connected objects are increasingly required to collect or exchange very small volumes of data with remote devices. This ranges from traditional industrial Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications, such as remote monitoring for oil and gas pipelines or agricultural equipment, to new Internet of Things (IoT) applications, such as monitoring public lighting in Smart Cities.

Whether the data is gathered locally with wired or wireless technologies, via local gateways or store-and-forward mechanisms, information from remote sites must be backhauled to data centres, private/public cloud, etc. for centralisation. Network operators need a reliable solution to connect these widely dispersed sites and backhaul critical data cost-effectively and rapidly

Eutelsat IoT FIRST is an innovative managed connectivity service, dedicated to IoT communication. Leveraging satellite technology, it is ideally suited for connected applications which exchange data with remote assets or infrastructure.