IRTP (Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú) chooses satellite streaming to extend reach to all communities across the country


    • World’s first next-generation DTH platform, harnessing the power of DVB-NIP
    • Combining the efficiency of broadcast technology with those used in broadband networks for large-scale content distribution to homes and IP devices across the country
    • Enabling all the population to receive vital educational, governmental and healthcare information



    Many citizens in Peru lack access to basic information technology such as internet access, especially in rural areas, meaning that they are unable to access vital educational, governmental, and healthcare resources.

    Peru's legacy TV distribution network reached only 72% of the population, leaving behind 28% of the population in the less populated, poorer regions of the country.

    This Digital Divide was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which exposed the lack of connectivity to poorer and remote communities. Vital healthcare information did not get through to all communities, and there was limited educational resources to support students.


    Key figures

    • Peru's population: 34.5 million people
    • Approximately 30% living below the poverty line
    • 21% living in rural areas
    • 30% with no access to internet or public broadcasting
    • 12% of children leave school before age 13; 17% do not finish secondary school.


    The Solution

    The Government of Peru chose the Next Gen. DTH solution using DVB-NIP via Eutelsat satellite capacity in partnership with the Skyflow partner ecosystem (ST Engineering iDirect, EKT, EasyBroadcast, EZDRM and Quadrille).

    Combining the efficiency of broadcast networks for large-scale content distribution to homes and IP devices across the country, the innovative DVB-NIP satellite streaming solution enables all citizens in Peru to access information, entertainment and educational content, even in the most remote regions of the country.


    How it works

    Eutelsat Group is supplying satellite capacity at the region’s leading 117° West video neighbourhood which provides powerful coverage across all the country.

    The project uses the DVB-NIP (Native IP) standard. DVB-NIP enables the convergence of OTT and broadcast networks, by fully integrating broadcast technologies with those used in broadband networks, for a truly combined media distribution solution.

    The standard does not require internet connectivity, enabling the 30% of the Peruvian population with no internet or public broadcasting, to access the services.

    Content distribution over satellite using multicast ABR (Adaptive Bit Rate) serves multiple markets and applications, including distribution for live TV, Video-on-Demand, and file-based non-video content.





    100% of the population can now receive cost-effective, ultra-fast, low-latency delivery of DTH live and file-based video content to homes and mobile devices. This includes the 28% of the population that was previously left behind.

    The platform includes 12 live free-to-air channels, including the TV Peru news channel, TVPE entertainment and educational content, children’s channel IPE, and Radio Nacional, the first radio station in Peru. It will be supplemented with emergency/warning broadcast services, file transfer services for educational purposes and the possibility for the population to access content through their mobile devices.

    Users with compatible set-top boxes can enjoy both traditional audio-visual content destined for TV screens, through the HDMI socket, and native IP content destined for secondary screens (mobiles and tablets) through their home Wi-Fi.

    For students in areas with limited terrestrial infrastructure, the ability to access educational content, with public broadcasting and file-based content delivery to mobile devices, Native IP over satellite will have a massive impact on their lives, bringing distance learning where it’s needed most.

    José Ignacio González-Núñez, Eutelsat Group Senior Regional VP, Media Sales Americas commented, “We´re confident that this initiative will revolutionize the broadcasting landscape around the world, bringing unparalleled entertainment experience to every Peruvian with a mobile device at home, at schools, and any other locations decided by IRTP. This initiative will redefine the standards of satellite services in the region, setting a new benchmark for quality and reliability.”


    Find out more

    Find out more about the IRTP project at: Skyflow Connects Peru: Reaching the Last 30%

    For more information on DVB-NIP, see Eutelsat and ST Engineering iDirect’s whitepaper: DVB NIP: The Gamechanger for Content Distribution.