Delivering TV channels to over 274 million homes

Eutelsat's satellites sit at the heart of the video chain, from outside broadcasting to viewing in the home.

In this fast-moving market, where innovation is propelling forward the quality of the viewing experience, satellites are an unrivalled route to ubiquitous coverage, and a source of bandwidth for media-rich services such as HDTV and Ultra HD.

For these new-generation services, satellites are a privileged way to deliver the highest television quality to users in areas underserved or unserved by terrestrial networks.



Extending coverage to bridge the digital divide

Broadband access is a fundamental contributor to productivity in the workplace. In our daily lives, it is also an essential media for information and social networking. Consumer & SOHO broadband services via satellite ensure that the digital revolution brings shared progress for all.

All users beyond terrestrial networks have the potential to access the benefits of high-speed Internet via satellite, transforming national and regional broadband objectives for universal broadband access.



Connecting consumers and businesses worldwide

Access to the social and economic benefits of broadband for all homes and businesses has become a major challenge addressed by national governments as well as regional and local authorities.

Satellites are a vital component of this ecosystem, complementing terrestrial networks with the guarantee of high-speed communications for the most remote communities. They are increasingly called on to connect remote networks to the main internet arteries and cellular infrastructure, and are often the only technology able to immediately secure and restore communication.



Advanced connectivity for air and maritime services

Eutelsat's mobility services complement terrestrial cellular networks providing professional solutions for specific sectorial needs.

Our mobility services for the maritime world deliver global solutions and coverage to a diverse range of markets that includes commercial shipping, sea-based oil and gas operations, governmental ships and luxury vessels.

For in-flight broadband services, Eutelsat's Air solutions allow aeronautical service providers to offer passengers top-quality Internet access, videostreaming and GSM services via tablets, smartphones and laptops.



Serving mission-critical government and NGO communication needs

Government missions today need reliable, global communications which can be rapidly deployed, worldwide. With extensive coverage from the Atlantic to the Pacific, Eutelsat plays a vital role in the direct interconnection of services between Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

The Eutelsat Government division supplies satellite capacity to government service providers, NGOs and providers of disaster recovery and humanitarian communications in the EMEA region.