Your partner for a digital world

Satellites are the most efficient platform for delivering channel multiplexes to cable and IPTV head-ends, Digital Terrestrial transmitters, as well as directly serving homes which remain beyond the range of DTT reception.

With proven experience of DTT broadcasting in France, Greece, Italy and Ireland in Europe, and in Africa, in Algeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Kenya and Zimbabwe, among many others, you can rely on our experience and expertise to deliver on your promises.

Eutelsat's end-to-end turnkey solution includes satellite and ground segment, providing you with powerful regional coverage, flexibility and scalability.

Alongside our technical expertise we can help you break into the DTT market with Eutelsat's marketing team and take advantage of extensive TV market knowledge in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


A cost-effective entry point with digital platforms

Designed for growing broadcasters and multimedia content providers, Eutelsat Digital Platforms (EDPs) are the answer for cost-effective access to satellite networks and turnkey services.

EDPs give broadcasters immediate reach to the wide audiences available via satellite, without the need to invest in expensive multiplexing facilities.

In addition to satellite bandwidth, the turnkey service includes channel collection from your premises, multiplexing of the content and uplinking to the satellite, giving you cost-effective access to large established audiences. 

We offer full turnkey services including turnaround, encryption, hosting, and 24/7 monitoring and control.

Our flexible bitrate options can handle all types of transmissions from audio and cartoons to action-packed sports coverage.


Join the fastest growing hotspot for the region with over 2 million TV homes at 7° East


Reach over 4 million homes from 16° East, Africa's leading free-to-air neighbourhood


Join the channels broadcasting to TV homes in Central Africa from 3° East


Benefit from the high power coverage at 8° West to reach TV homes across the region


Deliver your content to 135M homes at EMEA's leading HOTBIRD neighbourhood


Broadcast your channel into Brazil directly from North America and Europe


Get your content where you need it

We provide broadcasters and news programmers with contribution links for original, post-produced and fully contributed news, sports and entertainment segments for finished programme integration.

Whatever your signal type, whether it’s for DTH broadcasting, DTT rebroadcasting, radio or data, our contribution services ensure signals reach the right uplink station or multiplexing platform for point-to-point or point-to-multipoint transmissions.

We also offer a cost-effective service for contribution links to digital TV platforms on Eutelsat satellites and in particular for Eutelsat’s Digital Platforms. By minimising the overall costs of digital platform services, we make platform access attractive to smaller broadcasters.